Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 1

Waiting for other people to upload recital photos ~ teehee. 

anyway while I was busy chionging, my new polishes arrived :DD was influenced by verena, she bought one from the scape sale and it was so prettaye I just had to buy and more pretty colours emerged.
I am addicted to buying nail polish lately. Argh.

 China Glaze~
Passion, Lorelei's Tiara, White Cap, Material Girl, Ring in the Red

Too many glittery/shiny polishes. But love them all how to not buy~~

Passion french tip with OPI It's a Girl. Failed ARGHH so difficult to paint.
Oh well. my right hand fingers are even more horrible cause I can't paint with my left hand.omg hate.

I'm still gonna be busy for the remaining ten days left cause of hangover and ocsp preparations. hmm.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

all over

so now everything (or at least, the main stuff) on my list is over
recital passed in a flash.. shall blog about it another time.

Dam shag now haha but don't feel like sleeping. and my room is in a mess ugh.

Time to carry out my to do list tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

an old song

but nice nonetheless.
and the girl is like prettayee

still extremely jealous of bryan. getting reminded everytime i see his dp!!! roar.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

and it starts tomorrow

okay so my most exciting 7 days of 2011 begins tomorrow with stats paper, and ends on sunday with the last recital show. omg. scary.

feels like As all over again. oh well if i survived the agony of 1 month of papers last year these 5 days are nothing.

no confidence for tmr's paper but ive had enough of studying. ugh the weather aint helping either. sigh.

till next monday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

To do list after exams/recital

  1. Put music into my ipod
  2. Preparations for OCSP
  3. PEP preparations!
  4. Watch finish Khuntoria on WGM FINISHED WATCHING HAHAHA

Monday, November 14, 2011

slack monday

Teehee went back to HC to crash the grandjuniors' prac with ja. yes i really feel dam old. saw the a levels kids poor things but tbh i rather take their papers for them than do smu's hideous meaningless projects etc. -.-

anyway ANAN IS FINALLY BACKK awesome she's too high level already. all the moves she taught like nobody can get it LOL. the good thing about sch pracs is that she'll go around correcting our mistakes yeah! open class no time only teach choreo T.T
feels good to be dancing to hiphop music haha~ during revision week nonetheless.

Finally managed to book the air ticket this morning, screw budget airlines, seriously. -.- Ugh if only I were rich.

ah tomorrow I shall try to be a full time mugger... then waacking again. roars 2 more weeks hwaiting!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm not going to Bangkok anymore.


But after watching khuntoria I feel like going Huahin. HUAHINN

Friday, November 11, 2011


Yay lessons officially over. cept for biz law on saturday but thats alright.
and thankfully after 8 hours of sleep, I've recovered from my horrible headache yesterday roar.
But now that lessons have ended, it feels kinda weird cause I won't be seeing my classmates esp AW ones until next year. oh and sidetrack - joe's going back to korea for 1 month so lucky!!!. Okay and joanne's going there for holiday too bleh i also wanna go there, esp after watching WGM muahaha. why am I going thailand where all the floods are??? Seriously if I don't get to go Bangkok I'll be so dam pissed off!!

Ahhh today shall be spent watching my favourite Khuntoria couple as usual. 22 episodes down already!!!

too cuteee
Anyway these kpop stars keep spamming polaroids like free one, makes me feel like I'm underutilising mine!

Tomorrow's another crazy day with tuition then blaw class then rehearsals. Omg my arms are still aching from Tuesday's practice.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Holiday!

Seems like everyone else is in school smugging/doing project etc. I must be the only one who is slacking away my public holiday. 

Oh well at least I redid my Blaw remedies notes today. roar blaw notes take a terribly long time to compile!! and I cleared away all my JC stuff :'/ feels like I've thrown away 2 years of my life. All the memories of chionging tutorials and all those random scribblings on my notes during lectures.. what a waste. Oh well guess its time to dump em out. 

Went to vivo with the parents ytd. Dam crowded esp with foreign workers who were heading to the casino. And for once I bought something in reality!! Yay a traveller's pouch!

It was part of some artsy exhibition and apparently this was made by impoverished women, so I'm helping to give them a lifeline (okay the brochure said this.)

It doesn't look like its worth $22, I'd prolly find it for cheaper overseas but its okay for charity!!

Gonna bring it to thailand and dump my passport etc inside :D

Long day at school tomorrow. BLEH. and I haven't completed half of my research paper kill meeeee.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

the aftermath

Im dam hungry now.

okay so yesterday was crazy. I had waackin (NO G?? D:) recital prac from 4 plus ish to 7 plus ish then me and bryan flew down to smu for emix waackin prac that lasted till.. 10? we two lika shag! concludes that my stamina is lousy. and bryan kept coughing omg hopes he goes to see a doctor soon!!!

and he taught new choreos for both yesterday so my brain is like trying its best to process all the different choreos (doesn't help that some moves are the same! D: muscle memory also screwed up) BUT MEGA LOVING EM~~ loving the emix one a lil bit more (cos its easier and no freaking turns muahahaha okay no I must master how to spin in heels!!!). love the song! okay hope I still can recall it next sat. hehheh dam eggcited for the item :) can't wait to source for costumes!

Needs to get into the writing zone for aw. roar.

finally created a post to sell some of the stuff that i will never wear:
SALE POST kind souls please check it out!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Gmarket Haul Nov'11!

I realised that I haven't ordered from Gmarket since March! teehee.

Freaking humongous box omg poor postman.

Shared a shipment with bj. actually it was me who tempted her into buying MUAHAHA.
Anyway shipping was so much cheaper this time! our total shipment was 11kg and only 29850 Won (close to $40) as compared to the 19000 Won I paid last time for 2.85kg. EH WHY LIKE THAT. I guess its cause they have some sort of promotion now.
Placed orders last monday, only arrived today cause one seller took dam long to send out! Roar. and one of my items was out of stock :(

Actual Photos: 

Okay so this time I bought really little but relatively more expensive stuff. all footwear and no clothes. why? cause I'm going BANGKOK in december! gotta save some wardrobe space and buy all the nice apparel over there :D

Seller: WooJooCity
26900 Won

See this blue bag? ITS A LUGGAGE BAG HAHA yes I freaking bought a luggage bag online -.- It looked so cute? its expandable!! okay but I didn't expect it to be so big. it is freaking humongous i swear.
Yea apparently alot of koreans use it! Like you see kpop stars lugging it around in variety shows such as WGM, etc. How awesome so I'm gonna bring it to chiang mai :) then I can make it smaller or bigger anytime. so practical right??

Heels! Gmarket heels are really worth it, pretty and relatively comfortable (provided that you buy the right size haha!) But I always buy but end up not wearing -.-
and the thing about bout buying heels is that photos are deceiving!! like in those photos, the heels look like they're not THAT high probably 6cm? But in reality if you check the specs its 9cm~10cm -.- So yea always look at the measurements! They're there for a purpose.

Seller: [코미]

15900 won Black
Bought this for waacking recital! omg I was worried that I wouldnt be able to wear it since its also 235 and the other heel was 235 and it was too small. but HENG AH its larger whee. BUT it is so dam high. Pray i dont fall.

17900 Won
I bought this cause I thought it looked cute haha not your typical wedge okayy. So cute. Didnt look very high in the photo but in reality its dam high D:

19900 won
I also bought a pair of cream pumps to go with formal wear. Sadly, these are too small (235 bleh!) :((( dam sad! and the colour isnt as nice as the photo. kinda dull. oh well and it is so expensive!!. Thats why I say shopping online is like gambling!

22800 won Vintage Shoes
Are these called brogues? I have no idea. Anyway don't they look so vintageee :D Love the shade of brown! This seller took a few days to ship out but I guess it's worth the wait :)) so pretty and fits perfectly omg.

Finally the thing that I was actually supposed to buy! White High cut shoes~ My poor old ones totally worn out already. Gmarket is the best place to get high cuts so many designs and cheap too! Hope nobody in emix has the same pair!!! D:

New kicks yay!
White High Cuts Seller: MK 코리아

With Navy blue fat laces. hmm I lace until v ugly shall lace again later.

Okay thats all I bought. Gotta get used to those heels for waacking later :(

Friday, November 04, 2011


OMG inspiration for next year's halloween dressup!!


I realised that I always post on Fridays. teehee. Well its my off day after all! and this weekend's gonna be a long weekend since Monday is also a public holiday!! whee.

Went to Clementi Mall for lunch at Ootoya! really awesome Japanese restaurant with authentic dishes. Yumyum. Forgot to take photos of the main dishes though.
Even though me and my mum were dam full after the meal, we still ordered dessert muahaha.

Okay I forgot the name of this but its really nice!
Its made of Green Tea icecream, a generous heap of azuki, whipped cream in the middle, and at the bottom is some cake thingy with soyabeanmilkcurd?? texture is like tauhuay, but its meant to be eaten like pudding (theres gula melaka syrup at the bottom!)

Super awesome and only 6 bucks :D woohoo! hidden treasure. totally pwns MOF.

Okay then I went to thread my eyebrows but the person thread too much now they're too thin :( sad! faster grow out pls.

Sigh gotta start working on my research paper..

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

mad disappointed

Can't say I'm not.

Only got into waacking.. raar. I really really really wanted to get into a hiphop item this round, having not done proper hiphop since I dunno when. (transcendance? -.- ) But guess I'm simply just not good enough. Almost wanted to pull out of the entire concert (doing 1 item our of 3090254 items is like, hur? Gonna waste dam lot of time stoning during rehearsals what's the point) but I shan't since Bryan's costume in mind seems nice and he's nice (outside of pracs hahh). I'll probably get scolded 102901 times in each training though bahhh.

Not easy to get over the disappointment but I shall work hard and master the art of waacking in 3 inch heels by January. Omg painfulll.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


okay I could probably list out a hundred reasons why macbook sucks. Including how it corrupted my thumbdrive today and now I can't open my biz law notes. yes those notes that I've spent dk how many thousands of hours on. There is no word to quantify my anger/exasperation/desperation. I don't care about the other files, I just want my blaw notes.

What a bad day. And its only Monday. and there's bidding. omg save me please.