Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dinner at Alkaff Mansion

Im back from Europe!
But i'm still experiencing jetlag :( can only fall asleep at 4am for the past few nights. Took loads of photos (like 900) but am so lazy to blog bout the trip haha! okay takes time. 

Went to Alkaff Mansion Ristorante with sh on sunday! super atas place omg anyone planning to go please drive there! haha we had to walk like super far into the park area and it was slightly uphill =.=

The man.

Place was empty when we reached at 6.30pm. But super good ambience and service! great place for a date (y). everytime a dish was served the waiters will go "bon appetit!"and they clear dishes so gently as though their cutlery are made of crystal!! and the chef went around to ask if everything was alright and stuff. wa. ok its an all new experience for a peasant like me!

Duck Foie Gras!
first time eating this and it was so yummy! literally melts in your mouth! this was half of one portion

pappardelle with wild boar ragout! this was soso only. the meat is supposed to have been marinated in red wine for 7 days but it felt normal to me! 

Their signature tiramisu~~ a fairly big piece! very soft and melt in the mouth kind too. 
wa i go europe eat so many cakes come back still eat cake. hahaha. fattening.

and got my kindle from row when i came back!!

swee not. 

I got the basic kindle which was USD79 i think. shipping cost ~20 bucks so still cheaper than getting it from singapore sellers! 
already transferred some ebooks over but haven't started reading any LOL. its super light :D

Thursday, June 07, 2012

An adventure to Eastern Europe

Finally flying to Eastern Europe today!

Can't wait to escape Singapore' crazy weather.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Krabi Summer Trip

Here's my long overdue Krabi post hahahha.
Went for a 4D3N trip to Krabi! Krabi is in Thailand, and apparently alot of people don't know this HAHA.

Their first times at budget terminal while it was my 3rd or something. These kids too pampered.

Pay for 1 seat, get 3 seats! hahaha. Plane was around 70% full. I was so worried that the flight will be cancelled! woes of taking budget airlines. 

I swear they're more shopaholic than me.

This is pretty much it for shopping in Krabi. Not as spectacular as in Phuket! Most sellers sell the same items and bargaining is a must!

On our first day, we headed to this massive massage corner by the beach. We went to the 5th one, which is No.5 LOL. think there are about 10 massage places there? Paid 200baht for a thai massage, pretty normal.

This is the price list!

After the massage we headed to the beach to fool around. 

We stayed at Emerald Garden Resort cos we bought a deal from groupon. It was like around 100 bucks for 3 nights stay and the 4 island tour! The resort was too tropical for my liking - so many mosquitoes! but room was quite big-it was like a chalet! 
Krabi is quite different from phuket, there are more resorts as compared to small hotels! so i guess accomodation is pretty expensive unless you stay in those guesthouses in the back alley.

Awesome street food - bbq chicken!!! 1 big drumstick for 40 baht. yumz the guys had it like every night.
Our other favourite was le BANANA NUTELLA PANCAKE!! we had more than one of it every night. LOL. but its really dam good. phuket's one was more like a crepe and krabi's version is like roti prata with banana and nutella. zomg oily sweet goodness.

At night we just hopped to a random bar to chill. Free pool at many bars.

Went to this awesome chill bar called Blue Water Cafe. Cocktails were only 100 Baht each and there was a live band/duo/triplet playing. and their music was not bad.

Went for 4 Island tour on the 2nd day.

At one of the temples at railay beach? Guess what are those....

People rock climbing at Railay!

ohh love the sea~~

Pretty Nikki and her seashells.

Acting Moses. This is at the stretch where you can walk between the chicken island and Tup island. during low tide.

At the last island for the day. Yay love this shot!

Suntan until sunburnt.

More beach photos:

Looming dark clouds D:

Trying out the suicidal look photo haha.

Going on the phi phi island tour! By speedboat this time cos phiphi is too far away.


Hermit crab! my photo skills not bad huh.

And the emo shot series:

Mr Badass. He looks like he can star in the pirates of the carribean anytime.

Clear waters :)

Mad blue sea

Snorkelling! We did alot of snorkelling during the phiphi tour, like 3 times i think. quite alot of fishes, and they kept biting me :(

Back at the pizza place called beccofino for the 2nd time! we were lured in by its doorman and wooden oven. their pizzas were 150 baht each and are woodstocked!! the kind of oven really makes a difference. anyway it super cheap!! so we went back on out last night as well.

Sigh effects of modern technology.... 

Oh look what we found in nikki's kindle.

Didn't do much on the last day, just had breakfast and headed to the airport straight away!

Back in Singapore! a skintone darker.

If you are planning a trip to Phuket, do check my post here too :)