Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lacepipe warehouse sale loots + more shopping!

I ought to smack myself for breaking my vow and still shopping :(
But nowadays the wares around me are too pretty/functional to resist! Esp at bugis street, so many pretty basics that i can stock up on :(( 

Got the following two pieces at bugis!

Distressed denim shirtdress! 15 bucks. 
This was love at first sight. I have plenty of denim jacket, denim romper, shirt, vest etc and now a shirtdress to add to the collection :))

Close up of the bleaching.. The pattern so unique and pretty!!! Can't wait to wear it to school.

Also bought this quirky knitted denim-collared top for 10 bucks!

Always wanted a shirt like that.

Lovely intricate details, super good quality for its price :)
But i'm having a hard time thinking of how to match it haa! ugh. 

Also went to Lacepipe's warehouse sale at eunos on saturday. 
Omg its really a nightmare when you stay in the west. FRIGGIN FAR. Anyway we went at 10am to queue when it supposedly starts at 11. Thank goodness for that because i heard that those who went later queued for x hours!!! we were out by 12. Was telling the bj that actually theres nth much left after our batch (which was only the 2nd batch btw), like most items i got were last pieces and the rest of the designs werent really nice. so moral of the story, go early for warehouse sales!!! 

Our early-ness paid off :) jiaqi went back with over 70 bucks of stuff hahaha shes the biggest spender. Me bought 5 items~1 grey studded cardi, beige top, and peplum shorts for 10 bucks each, a jumpsuit and skater dress for 12 bucks :) total damage, 54 bucks. LE SIGH. But really loving all my items :) esp the jumpsuit!

LOOK AT THE PRINT. it is SOOO pretty i couldn't resist. although it was last piece and the condition of the buttons weren't very good, i still grabbed it.

I managed to google a photo of the jumpsuit.. mad pretty!! its from relatively old collection but i don't mind :) my favourite item out of the haul !!

Yay I'm a happy girl :)

SMU Convocation'12!

Emix performed for the freshmen convocation last wednesday!
The rehearsals were to tedious everyone's just glad that its over.. hahaa!


Thomas looking like a innocent and cute boy.

Retarded dori haha!

Trying out our jungle/explorer/animalistic poses!! johnhao's eye is really... 

Me and nikki acting yi ge jungle woman. Taken by pinghui the aspiring photographer!

Random cheerleading like poses

Haha we're seriously too retarded :) love them!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Last holiday update - DIY and more

Sigh my long summer break is going to be over in 3 days.
Basically just chilled and had fun this summer. Travelled to taiwan, thailand and europe, dyed my hair turquoise  danced, etc. 

Received my la riche lilac hair dye from mianbao! my next colour after turquoise for dip dyeing. 

A DIY laptop case for my new toshiba baby which i zhnged myself. it was originally a free zalora laptop case .
Simply cut out a heart shaped applique from random fabric and fixed it on with the studs i got from taobao :)

Close up of the details. not very neat but nvm :)

Leopard print nails that were done by Charmaine :) it was so awesome a whole bunch of us girls AND guys painting nails in the convoc holding room haha dam funny. Charmy's bf got her a whole set of nail brushes and dotting tools :) super sweet! and she is really really good at nail art i would so go to her for manicures if she became a manicurist!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shopping Loots

I know I told myself to stay away from buying clothes few weeks back but I just can't resist :(
Its weird how some weeks I am simply shopping-free but wham suddenly i just turn into a shopaholic the next week.

Anyway, bought my first bustier top : Agneselle's Fun with Floral!

 I was afraid that it would be too small but thank goodness its just nice. 

Its made of stretchy denim and the pattern is super intricate, really fits the body curves and all. The only complaint I have is the super ordinary-looking buttons.. ._. but love it anyway.


Also bought a navy blue H&M blazer for only $20!!!!!!!!!!!! It was on sale from an original price of $60. omg! i just had to buy it right. Its cheaper than blogshops and the material is super fab.


Random floral fabric which i got from chinatown.

And guess what I bought from Gmarket!

Tadah! my first ever proper eyeshadow palette. for convoc and all the upcoming performances. It only has the colours which i require, no neon bright yellow or anything yay! Seller bubble wrapped it super well so none cracked at all :)

More loots on the way D: I really need to curb my spending!

Bondue Camp 2012 - Scarlet Royale

Snippets of my group at bondue camp!

Dirty Games!!

Owning every game

Waiting for fright night, which wasn't very scary after all.

2nd day, station games!

 Battle shots


Running man~ wa i wanted to play also man.

Monday, August 06, 2012

ssikkek korean bbq + cedele brunch!

Some overdue food photos~

Ssikkek Korean BBQ @ Novena!
Love this bbq place! They have a wide range of meats to choose from and tons of cooked food choices! 
Weekday lunch costs around $14-$15 per pax, MAD WORTH IT!
Service was also pretty efficient, the staff will change the aluminium foil very frequently! like 3-4 times during the duration we were there.

Super awesome meat.

Cedele brunch @ Wheelock!

The breakfast was pretty soso but quite pricey. I prefer the rotisseries breakfast selection :(( 

I was sick the whole day yesterday after returning from bondue camp. No idea why bondue camp was SOOO shaggg i only had like 1.5-2h sleep each night.

And being stuck at home, I studded my lilac cardigan!

Running out of studs soon!

New bag from missypixie~ roomy and elegant, me likes!

Just succumbed to tracyeinny's sale :(( sigh