Sunday, February 24, 2013

Navel rings

Recently dug out a collection of pretty navel rings.
Not that i have a navel piercing, but these can be worn as earrings as well!

So many designs and I can hardly wear them all.

Hence selling them off! prices range from $6-$10 each. Which is quite a steal cos i bought them for i think around $15? Gotta stop impulsive shopping :(

One that I'm keeping ;)

Drop me an email if interested!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eastern europe in little squares

Just uploading the best of my eastern europe photos on instagram. oh boy i miss the places so much :( Wanderlust is overwhelming me.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Groupon: Musee Platinum Tokyo IPL underarm hair removal

This is a post for ladies! Guys can just stop reading here heh.

One fine day I was just checking out the deals on Groupon, and I came across this Unlimited IPL underarm hair removal deal at Musee Platinum Tokyo going for only $98nett.

As a poor student, 98 bucks is alot. I could eat 20 meals and still have remaining money. However, I did some quick calculations and if I go consistently for 5 years, it would cost around 4 bucks each time. Moreover, I haven't even turned 21! so assuming that the business doesn't fold, I'll be able to get loads of service for it :D and hence I decided it was a worthy investment to start early. heehee.

More about Musee Platinum Tokyo:
They claim to be Japan's No.1 hair removal salon, with 140 branches in Japan! I couldn't find many reviews on Musee, but I have absolute trust in the Japanese and especially the Japanese ladies' pick for quality and service. since they can still thrive with 140 branches, can't be too bad right. 

For Singapore, there are 5 branches, and for obvious reasons I chose to sign up at the Bugis+ branch. Take note that the salons are REALLY busy; if you are working and have a tight schedule, it might be really difficult for you to book an appointment. It was relatively easy for me as I was okay with weekday mornings, the most obscure timing of the day haha. and even so I had to call a week in advance.

Usually the first appointment is for consultation only. What happens is the consultant will hand you a sign up form, checking for any allergies/hair removal habits, and half a dozen other contract forms for you to sign. They all sound the same to me, but do read through just in case. Consultant also asked if I was referred by anyone, apparently if you were referred, just quote your friend's member ID, full name and contact no. and you get a free small parts treatment! (i.e. upper lip hair removal)

What I liked about the consultation:
1. NO hardselling at all
2. Clear explanation of the procedure and how the S.S.C technology works (though abit boring)
3. Consultant was really friendly and made me feel comfortable amidst all the awkward talk :)

Then I was supposed to schedule my first appointment on another date. However, maybe because I was probably the 2nd customer that morning and there was not many customers scheduled that day, consultant asked if I wanted to have my first appointment that very morning! so yea, deal. Oh but you can only have the next treatment after 2 months! and after a certain number of treatments the in-between period increases to 3 months.

Some lousy photos of the area taken by my lousy iphone 3GS! Didn't bring my camera cos I wasn't expecting to have the treatment!

Musee uses the S.S.C way, so quoted from their website: "S.S.C. Hair Removal stands for "Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal" which is a new state-of-the-art pain free technology. With S.S.C. Hair Removal, our specially formulated gel is activated when exposed to the beams of filtered light. This reaction delays new hair growth and also dulls hair growth, consequently lessens and obscures your hair."

Note the claims here:
1. Pain free
2. Delays new hair growth
3. Dulls hair growth
4. Ultimately lessens hair growth

Basically this is what happens during the whole process:

1. Get changed into the blue spaghetti top that they provide!
2. Consultant comes in and covers your eyes with tissue(?) and puts on safety goggles to protect your eyes from the lasers
3. Put your hands behind your head and yea. -awkward turtle-
4. consultant uses an electric shaver to trim underarm hairs to a certain length?
5. Cold gel is applied! 
6. Its time for action! the Consultant then uses the machine thing to "zap" the hairs, i counted around 10-11 zaps per side. Let's just say I didn't felt anything at all, not even any sensation of "rubberbands shooting". When the consultant asked me if it was bearable I was like er am i supposed to feel something... Well I do have a high pain tolerance afterall.
7. Cold gel is wiped off and a cold gel pad is placed on both sides! you'll have to kiap on to it for about 5 minutes.
8. Pads are removed, some soothing cream is applied and tadah! done. 

It has been a few days since my first treatment, and yes it does seem that the hairs are growing much slower, in fact, they don't seem to have grown much since that day. But I have yet to observe any noticeable difference in the amount, of course it would take a few more sessions to be more obvious :) 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Review: Threadtheory and lacepipe loots

CNY season, bought too many new clothes :/
Here are two of the recent pieces that I got!

1. Lacepipe Black and gold tweed shorts
Got this BN from a reseller, it was from a launch almost a year ago!

2. Threadtheory Bloom Blaum Cut-in Lace top in Indigo $25.50
I rarely see people talking about thread theory, is it a new blogshop? I really think it is underrated for the quality of apparel they offer and the designs.
Managed to get the 2nd last piece in M heh. wanted S at first but it was OOS, and the threadtheory girls  very quickly reserved it for me :) Really love their customer service as well as their apparel! I hope they remain as good even if they grow bigger, unlike some other mega blogshops with awful cs :(

Stock photos:

Can I just mention that the threadtheory model, Elaine Jasmine, is SO PRETTY.

Love the electric blue colour and the lace details :) Theres a slight colour difference, the one in the stock photo seems more purplish, but i saw elaine's instagram so i knew it was more of electric blue 

Recently this "cut-in" or racer front style has been getting popular, but I still don't quite like it. IMO, its not very flattering, just makes me look fat. Plus it kind of looks like a swimsuit...
But this cut in isn't that extreme so it'll pass. theres an inner opaque lining and if you enlarge the pic you can see that the lining covers the zip too :) so that the zip won't scrap your skin. this made my $25.50 worth it haha
I really really appreciate it when the lining of an apparel is NOT sheer. it really saves alot of worry and problems and I don't have to wear another inner layer etc. you'll be surprised at how many blogshops have sheer lining in their items out there. so annoying!!!

Although this top is a little on the pricey side (to me, who usually budgets $26 for a dress lol), I decided to buy it after a few weeks of contemplation and totally not regretting it :) 

and now for the tweed shorts!

It is realllyyy hard to capture the gold tweed details :(

There was a little hole at the side of the shorts when i got it, which i'm sure is a manufacturing defect because it was brand new WITH tag, so the previous owner hadn't worn it at all. but it was easily mended with a few stitches.

I remember tweed was in the rage around 5 years back? because i still have another pair of tweed shorts that i got from taiwan when i first started online shopping in sec 2/3. haha. trends keep repeating. I really like the gold in the tweed though, makes it look more dressy!

When paired together :) but no I'm not gonna wear them together cos black is disallowed for CNY heh.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Giveaway winners!

Its that time of the semester when project work starts to get serious, as well as looming midterms.
I have been so busy with school the past few days -sigh-

Anyway, there are the 2 lucky winners for the DIY Bracelet Giveaway which ended last thurs!

1. Michelle Gan
2. Elena Rudaya

Will be contacting you two very soon :)
Thank you all who participated! If you really wanna get one, drop me a mail and I'll see what we can work out :)

Sh managed to get his good friend to help me buy my favourite cuticle balm! (which I was so greatly deprived of for the past few months after my 1st tub finished)
and he bought 4 LOL.

I think I will take ages to finish. my previous one took 3 years haha without consistent application of course. I reckon 1 can last for about 1 year with daily usage?

Will do a review on it soon! 

Andd this will be one of my CNY outfits. heh. mgplabel's isadora dress in jade and asos disco flats ;)

Monday, February 04, 2013

Eastern Europe Travelogue Day 11: Berlin, Germany

After a wonderful day at Dresden, we continued on to Berlin! ;)
Not many photos cause I got lazy towards the end of the trip....

Always wanted to visit Berlin because its such a historically iconic city!
and the architecture in Berlin is more modern, completely different from the last 32420398 towns we went to..

Fascinated by the Berlin Wall

Remnants of the wall

Checkpoint Charlie. Sneak photo! We would have to pay to take photo with them 

Cutesy souvenir shop with small pieces of the wall, wonder if they are real!

Love this slogan :)


The Brandenburg Gate if i'm not wrong. which was closed due to renovations :( we ended up getting starbucks haha

Went into a shopping mall to taste the best coffee? (As recommended by the tour guide) But dad said it was soso

Zee coffee. 
And i went around taking photos of food.

GERMANY IS THE HOME OF RITTERSPORT!! but i didnt go in :( should have bought more!!

Cute Traffic man. 

And more of the berlin wall!

Towards the evening it started pouring... really heavily!! couldn't take really good photos of this magnificent structure, the victory column :/

Then we went to .. some restaurant out of the city area for dinner! which was my favourite....

PORK KNUCKLE!!!! It was soooooo humongous and sooooo good yumzzzz 

And then the next day we had some shopping time in berlin!
obviously not many photos cos we were busy shopping..... 

The shopping street!

Well after some shopping at Berlin we headed to Leipzig, which was just a really small town for our transit stopover to frankfurt. Spent a good 1.5 days travelling back to frankfurt to get to the airport :( and I was too lazy to take photos hee.

Absolutely loved Eastern Europe and hope to explore the countries in greater depth in future :) backpacking trip maybe?