Friday, October 28, 2011

omg I don't hope for a super awesome prof, I just hope that I will never ever get sucky freerider group mates ever again.


likka sian.
Just took my two jabs for ocsp and now my left arm is sore like shit. Don't even know how I'm gonna waack tomorrow. LTB class at 830am on a saturday morning gosh. dance consecutively from 3pm-10pm tmr, can die.

Anyway finally done with LTB report and slides. Gosh the bane of my sem 1, seriously. Declares it my most inefficient group project ever. Now there's only AW paper left roarrr. Hates.

And my timetable for next sem is gonna be sucky :"( sobs. such is life. Still finding people to bid with me for my mods!

Oh well at least I'm gonna meetup with HPYS this sunday. Finally going out with people instead of stoning at home omg. I miss my friends :'(

Shoutout: My OCSP is selling rings for fundraising! Okay so basically we're going to this village in chiang mai called Samoeng to share with the kids there and also to expand their library!
All profits goes towards our project :)
Visit our page for more designs!! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

another week

An exceptionally tiring week. and I still have presentation tomorrow. ARGHHH.

Had fundraising for ocsp.. oh my I really dislike these kinda things cause I feel really paiseh to ask people (esp random people who will just give you the "NO I DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR OCSP" look.) Really appreciate those friends who supported! Like suay wingyau hahaha the first thing i saw her after not seeing her since school started was to ask her to buy our biscuits/bookmark. Anyway sitting under the concourse aircon for 5 hours on wednesday was no joke, immediately felt super ill roar.

Still gotta finish up LTB report before heading to sch for subcomm meeting later. sigh all those icebreaking all over again!

I need to go out and playyy.

Needs a new bagpack before I fly to thailand. Should I be a spendthrift and splurge on a manhattan portage??

Monday, October 17, 2011


After the very nerve-wrecking but well done biz law presentation, I went to Iluma to try out the remaining ramen stores in the ramen championship!
The last time I went I had ramen from tetsu. it was super awesome especially the broth but probably due to the crowd their egg was substandard!! roar it wasn't runny inside at all. DOWNERR.
Luckily we went at like 4pm today, weird timing so the place was empty and the eggs were yummy teehee.

Bario - $14

I can foresee Bario winning the championship. HAHA. omg their soup is like sooo good but yet so sinful with floating bits of pork fat?? calories calories. not for the health conscious. 
and they were absolutely generous with their noodles and beansprouts.. why not the meat? T.T the meat was so tasty but way too fatty.
Don't really fancy their kind of noodles, its like the thick, flat, shoelace kind. the egg was not runny enough but the yolk was freaking awesome.
anyway I need to stop being greedy and order the half sized portion next time. Can never finish the normal sized ones DD: too much noodles!!

Gan Tetsu Miso Ramen -$15

Also tried this!! they were super generous with their meat 3 full slices of meat without fats! *brownie points*. don't really fancy miso based ramen but otherwise was good.

Left 3 stores teehee. 
Start of a crazy week.

Will feel much more relaxed after submitting the 2 assignments and done with biz law presentation today. Hates how I get all jittery before a presentation.

Meh I should have gone to notts. No group projects. dang don't I hate projects.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

I shop too much.

Week 9 is over, but nothing much of a relief cause week 10 is gonna be much much worse :( my aw presentation and quiz got pushed to next week ROARR. So i have 3 presentations this week and two assignments, one 30% of my final grade to submit on monday. thanks.

Dead tired.

Tomorrow shall be spent completing Stats and AS in school then dance and dance. grr I still need to look for black heels.

New loots in the mail today!

More stickers! and Hello Kitty spectacle cases! too cute too cute. but i don't really have any extra specs to dump in =.=

and I bought quite a couple of rings, so now this is my whole ring collection!

 too many rings for too little fingers.
 and blur me accidentally placed orders for 2 of the moustache rings -.- okay i don't need TWO of the same ones, so whoever wants to buy it please let me know. 

Okay and i decided i don't like the green one too (bottom left) LOL. okay once again whoever is interested to own it lmk!

another pouch that I made last week for my holga! I like this better.

Monday, October 10, 2011

what a bad day.

omg suddenly my email is spammed with ocsp, project emails etc and all the deadlines are these 3 days especially i feel like i can suffocate and die.

no no no think positively i can survive this!! :/

sigh ill be gone till i conquer every thing


hello week 9.
the horror period is here.
roar okay I just gotta survive till week 11 then I'll be done with most of the work.

I feel kinda sad cos I've been missing out on so many dance events and sessions due to school commitments, sigh! can't wait to go for waacking sessions with the rest, but I think that will be in 2012 -.-

for the 20398501924th time, I hate school :(

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Sad to say, recess week is almost over, and I haven't completed any major assignments/projects sigh.

Recently my luck just keeps going downhill for some unknown reason. I ALWAYS just miss 190 and end up having to wait 20 mins for the next one. seriously what is wrong with smart - 190 coming at 20 mins intervals ?? Then I will meet with a jam, etc. so on average each journey to sch or back from sch take about 75 mins. bleh absolutely waste of time.

Past few days were horrible days, there is so much work to do and I realized how pathetically little friends I have in SMU. the only good things that happened were going to salted caramel and zaihar's open class yesterday. woo! loved the choreo~

I know Steve Jobs just passed away. I'm not a fan of apple products, and I absolutely DISLIKE mac I have no idea why my safari runs soooo slowly i'm switching to chrome soon but he was an extraordinary guy. roar. My safari is seriously loading at a snail's pace and it's annoying me greatly.

Monday, October 03, 2011


first day of recess week!! I have decided that I am not going to do any work today. So there. aw ltb biz law stats can wait~

Car wash yesterday was alright, but damm ecp is so freaking far away :( had the cheap $1.20 icecream after the whole event and it never tasted so good before HAHA.

Yummy baked rice for dinner yesterday :D just nice after a long day of car washing and travellingg.

So despite banning school work today, I didnt slack off my morning alright I packed my room and made a new housing for my beloved instax! 

It used to be this qianbian thing:

haha what a retarded pouch. anyway so I rummaged through all the spare fabrics lying around and sewed this!:


at first i wanted to make it a reversible pouch, but then it was too much work and detail hah so being lazy I just decided to make a normal one.

Gingham inner lining with a compartment for extra film woo!

my messy window ledge!!!

and the two polaroids which I took with the girls who flew to uk. roar take care and missing yall like crazy~

Okay its barely 12pm time to find other things to do!!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

saturday is over again

I am so dead tired!! Tuition marathon and dance marathon today. my feet is dying. anyway watching all the recital items' vetting today made me miss hiphop even more. :( esp anan's style. anan come back soon plss.
but yay i am done of all my jc tuitions! can throw all those chem/math knowledge out of the window already. 

Went to airport to send qw off yesterday!
 roar i keep going to the east recently, gotta go ecp tomorrow again for car washing -.-
anyway dislikes T3! all the farewell moments were there. sent off yoko and company there a few years back too omg that was the saddest farewell everr. then ytd was so sad too!! all my awesome friends are overseas roar jingjing xiuhui yiran qianwen jia le.  and others are together in the ulu islands of ntu and nus, here i am left in smu :(( oh well it was my choice cant complain. 

haven't wanted to buy something so badly in quite a while!!