Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay so now that emix production and CNY's over, its time to chiong assignments and projects :( hate this evil cycle.

Have been sleeping most of the time the past few days and i can't figure out why im so tired. maybe its just the new bedsheets. CNY has been a bore, went temple visiting mainly since my relatives are overseas. I really need to visit more temples my luck this year has been at an all time low.


some photos from production:

 weicheng always has this face -.-

Funny photos:
 okay so the photographer was taking multiple shots and this was the last hence i ran out of ideas of what pose to do LOL

 LOL me and nikki were taking a photo then the guys just barged in omg gay ttm.

Our victorian costume. First time I spent so much effort into MAKING a costume instead of just buying one. But a bitch to dance in really.

Tong and her colourful powderful street jazz costume. Love their costumessss.

The end.

Next up: SDD!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gmarket Haul yet again

First week of school over!! Can already feel the all the homework/projects/presentations coming my way ugh. But it took me lesser time to warm up, already class parted like once for each lesson that requires class part haha. think i only class parted like less than 5 times the whole of last sem -.-
Been reaching home at around midnight cos of dance but out of house early in the morning cos of dumb morning lessons.. oh well! that's gonna be my life for like the next 2 months.

Another Gmarket shipment!! addicted srsly.

 humongous carton box that was more than half empty. 

Bought more skin products this time. Sadly can't buy skinfood stuff from gmarket :( oh well. No apparel again cos my wardrobe is seriously bursting LOL jialat.

 Holika Holika! 
Ok I'm a sucker for anything rose. Bought the Bulgarian rose essence and some black head thing which I bought to get the free domestic shipping. Hope it works.
Only got a free box of cotton wool. 

Well wrapped Baviphat goodies

 Whole lot of random things again. Apparently the apple sleeping pack is good? so I bought 2 but I don't think I'll be able to use finish. 
No free samples!!! seller lika stingy.

 Other random stuff:
Laneige Water sleeping Pack
Miracle Skin Pore tightening Pack x2 (2 Freebies from this seller! generous I like.)

DermaBorn Cream x2
Free mask!

 Not forgetting shoes!!!
I have too many shoes alr ughh. Bought 3 pairs this time,  a black wedges to go with formal attire, flats and loafers (?)

 Leopard prints.
Doesn't look as nice in reality cos of the front black ribbon thingy I guess. 

Bojia bought the cream one the last shipment! then I decided it was too nice so I bought the navy one hehheh. loving it!!

Got.to.abstain.from.shopping. I'm not even gonna buy any CNY clothes.

Next week's gonna be mad crazy!!

Friday, January 06, 2012

for laughs

LOL the wonders of 美图Gif!

whoa so the first week of 2012 is almost over!

Past few days have been a blur with kraftfunk sessions and outings with friends. Its been so long since I did basics training omg the feeling of being fitter is just ~~

But I keep going out recently to eat/shop omg spent so much within the first week of 2012!

Breko at Holland V with the girls!

I keep going to Breko recently o.o went last week too. Oh well but the food was good! Had ribeye steak with 2 sides for less than $20. 
And we kept taking photos and edited them with the most awesome photo editing app, 美图秀秀!

And because we were still hungry after the meal, we headed to Cold Rock!

Wonderful strawberry shortcake mix.

We made a pact beforehand to have a "Wear Maxi Day" so we all turned up in maxis haha! I look so tall. whee.

Ahhh OCSP photos are being uploaded, shall blog about the trip soon, if I can find the time after school reopens aha.

Anyway sh got me dr. dre earphones from hongkong! coolios much.

next few days are also busy max, how to rest before school reopens :(