Saturday, December 31, 2011


its the last day of 2011! how time flies as usual. so now its the annual time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next!

MY 2011:

  1. A year of yellow. I just have to mention my fate with yellow this year, ftb, bondue, and now emix photoshoot all these random events threw me into the yellow group. like what??
  2. Waack. starting off as a noob in bryan's waackin course, I totally waacked the whole year away. Am grateful for the numerous opportunities given - Suntec, Oschool recital, and now emix concert and SDD next feb. Not to mention all the awesome friends I've made thru waackin! 
  3. Trying out new things out of my comfort zone: entering SMU and going for OCSP. Still not very much warmed up in the smu environment, but I still have 7 sems to do so. and funny how ocsp is more tough for me than OEs, when it should be the opposite for most people. 

Eager to find out what 2012 has in store for me, but not too anxious to hit 20 -.- 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


so my immune system finally gave way yesterday, after not resting from chiangmai's horribly cold weather and nights of xmas partying. DAMM FLU. its so horrible i couldn't sleep properly yesterday (I kept dreaming that people were moving around forcing me to change my sleep location) and my nose now resembles that of rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

been meeting up with good ol friends the past few days and i couldn't ask for more. miss the hopper girls esp since most of them are in nus puu. MAD shopping trip to bangkok in june/july next year! haha can't wait. hope it'll realise though, bet its gonna be dammm fun!! (ok our costume shopping outings in sg are alr so fun xD)

anyway my phone had sudden death on xmas day, what a timely death -.- so now i'm using iphone 3 and having loads of fun with the camera apps. LOL late bloomer. needs to buy a casing soon though.

oh well. finally dancing again later after more than 3 weeks of absence.

2 weeks till sch reopens omg hates.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back!
The past two weeks felt so long, and chiangmai is realy cold :(
Can't post much about the homestay and programmes yet cause my photos are all with sophie. The kids are reallyyy cuteeee. Oh well.

Anyway quite surprised to find out that shopping in Chiang Mai was dam good. Look at my haul!

 I bought like 2 knitted cardis, 3 tanks, 3 maxi skirts, 1 pink sweatpants (FOR LESS THAN $3 OMG MINDBLOWN), denim shorts, tees, 1 romper and all for less than $100 in total! Zai or what. 

I think if I go to bangkok next time sure GGfied.

on the 2nd last night Toffy brought a few of us to do manicures, FREAKING cheap omg and dam good.
less than $14 for my nails! shouldn't have chose this design though, looks so bimb! but i'm not complaining for the price teehee. 

My schedule for the next 2 months until SDD auds in end Feb are totally filled already omg. I just pray I can maintain my GPA while juggling dance and studies :(

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I'm flying off  to Chiangmai tonight. Can't believe its today.

Wish I was back in korea, trekking in the winter cold. Give me a mountain to climb any day man, beats going to build stuff. Seriously why did I sign up for ocsp, no idea. Language barrier's gonna be the main challenge ugh.

Gonna miss dance sessions. omg horrible thought of the choreos i have to catch up with when I get back, plus recapping the old ones, no joke no joke. sigh.

First time going on an ocsp trip. So different from all my previous travelling experiences. No bentos, no camping etc. Don't feel like going anymore, after all, I'm not really destined to travel this year. But oh well money's already paid, just have to go luh. Let's just hope the host family doesn't cook too much spicy food. I'm so gonna lose weight over there. MUST EAT MY MANGO STICKY RICE AT ALL COSTS.

My luggage is awfully small and light. I STRONGLY REFUSE to fly budget next time for trips longer than 1 week. seriously, too much hassle. and its not even that cheap.

Goodbye. I'm gonna miss everything in Singapore this time round. Can't wait to come back and have all the christmas parties and gatherings.

Monday, December 05, 2011

colours colours colours

Seriously there's an infinite number of shades of colours in this world.

So recently I just bought this maxi dress, and I thought it was turquoise in colour. But after sudden enlightenment and further research, I realised that it was teal -.- blah.

see the difference.

anyway I'm once again eyeing another polish. argh. China glaze's for audrey! its supposed to be the same shade as the tiffany blue.

shall get it after I get back from chiangmai~

and secret garden is getting more and more boring. 7 more eps to go! maybe i'll just skip to the last ep hahaha.

too lazy to write anymore. packing packing packing.

Saturday, December 03, 2011


woah its december already. the year zoomed past!!

so the past few days I have been attending meetings and watching dramas. watching secret garden and ouran high school now!! I swear one of the ouran characters look like janan. secret garden is okay, still have 16 more eps to go but I'm kinda bored already.

Anyway on wednesday siau and me went shopping at bugis before campfire.

 BARIO RAMEN woohoo ordered half ramen this time and still dam full D:
Wa my hair was longer previously. but now its dam short T.T what happened was that while we were shopping, these people from toni&guy academy approached us to cut hair for free so well who can resist a free hair cut so yea I cut my hair! and they gave us cards for complimentary hair cuts for the next 3 appointments. So people, if you want a free hair cut, hang around bugis.

Went back to salt for campfire, but it was too boring. I guess that's what happens when you don't really know any of the grand juniors haha ohwell so sica siau and I left for KAP!
 Island creameryyyyyy

Ice cream!!
Ordered teh tarik as usual. lala. awesome ice cream. 

 Time to pack for ocsp and settle all the programmes argh can't believe I'm flying so soon :(