Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back!
The past two weeks felt so long, and chiangmai is realy cold :(
Can't post much about the homestay and programmes yet cause my photos are all with sophie. The kids are reallyyy cuteeee. Oh well.

Anyway quite surprised to find out that shopping in Chiang Mai was dam good. Look at my haul!

 I bought like 2 knitted cardis, 3 tanks, 3 maxi skirts, 1 pink sweatpants (FOR LESS THAN $3 OMG MINDBLOWN), denim shorts, tees, 1 romper and all for less than $100 in total! Zai or what. 

I think if I go to bangkok next time sure GGfied.

on the 2nd last night Toffy brought a few of us to do manicures, FREAKING cheap omg and dam good.
less than $14 for my nails! shouldn't have chose this design though, looks so bimb! but i'm not complaining for the price teehee. 

My schedule for the next 2 months until SDD auds in end Feb are totally filled already omg. I just pray I can maintain my GPA while juggling dance and studies :(