Monday, February 27, 2012


Finally heading to Eastern Europe in June, can't wait!

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany

Too awesome~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

recess week

Recess week is here, but not looking forward to it at all... project meetings almost everyday. sigh. and so many stuff to catch up on.

This sem has been so bad... Im just hoping to get a 3.0 at least now. Group projects were never so bad last sem. Its these times that makes me wanna quit school so much. and I have to reassure myself that having a sucky gpa isnt the end of the world, cos everyone thinks it is.
9 more weeks of torture. I'll survive.

On a brighter note, Kraftfunk is in for SDD finals! :D despite the many screwups we had onstage. But so glad our many tough trainings and sewing paid off~~Really wanted to cry when they announced our name omg but eyes were too dry and I was too stoned.

I'm still so tired. obviously I havent paid off my sleep debt. haha...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Celebrated Vday for the first time cos we decided not to be lazy haha.

Went to Gyu Kaku for dinner!!
This is the holland v branch! haha didnt take photos of the signage.

We ordered some set meal that costs $150 for 2 -.- how ex!
and it included beef tongue OMGG tongue! i couldnt eat it. hahaha and the bibimbap also. sh ended up tanking the rice.

Some of the meat! But too little for me! wasn't full at the end of the meal haha.

Like a boss with his A&F shirt

Happy with the dessert haha

awesome milk pudding with kinako and melted sugar? too good totally taste like the ones in japan :DD

got a A&F perfume and shoebag woohoo! thankfully it wasnt as strong as the cologne in the store. (:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

terrible week

the past week was bad!
fell very sick suddenly on thursday during FA class, and i was supposed to give a presentation during twc on that very afternoon omg! we had been preparing for it for so long and even did the final touches in the morning and i just had to fall sick. seriously last warning to my body. really grateful to pinghui kenneth lijun for taking care of me and stuff. caused them so much inconvenience esp my TWC groupies :((

have been prepping for SDD alot recently, school work totally lagging omg and i have like tons of work to be done the next 2 weeks. LQR FOCUS!!

really can't wait till recess week, time to take a breather and play.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


when i'm stressed, i will spend alot of money.
and yea the past 2 weeks spent a hell lot of money on idk what, just blogshopping snapping items and buying more nail polishes.
and so the weird thing was i didnt have new clothes for CNY but after CNY i bought alot of new clothes -.- wrong timing.

I've just been rushing out work for the past week while juggling kraftfunk pracs at night and i've never felt so exhausted before. the worst was after the first bryan prac my whole leg was pain like hell and i had to deal with the stupid MS assignment. and excel kept going haywire i swear i nearly exploded

Anyway i'm absolutely loving this dress so pwetty.


Other photos that caught my eye:

so fairytale-ish~

loving these kinda skirts but have no idea where to get em

sigh cant wait for recess week to come!!