Sunday, February 26, 2012

recess week

Recess week is here, but not looking forward to it at all... project meetings almost everyday. sigh. and so many stuff to catch up on.

This sem has been so bad... Im just hoping to get a 3.0 at least now. Group projects were never so bad last sem. Its these times that makes me wanna quit school so much. and I have to reassure myself that having a sucky gpa isnt the end of the world, cos everyone thinks it is.
9 more weeks of torture. I'll survive.

On a brighter note, Kraftfunk is in for SDD finals! :D despite the many screwups we had onstage. But so glad our many tough trainings and sewing paid off~~Really wanted to cry when they announced our name omg but eyes were too dry and I was too stoned.

I'm still so tired. obviously I havent paid off my sleep debt. haha...

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