Saturday, February 04, 2012


when i'm stressed, i will spend alot of money.
and yea the past 2 weeks spent a hell lot of money on idk what, just blogshopping snapping items and buying more nail polishes.
and so the weird thing was i didnt have new clothes for CNY but after CNY i bought alot of new clothes -.- wrong timing.

I've just been rushing out work for the past week while juggling kraftfunk pracs at night and i've never felt so exhausted before. the worst was after the first bryan prac my whole leg was pain like hell and i had to deal with the stupid MS assignment. and excel kept going haywire i swear i nearly exploded

Anyway i'm absolutely loving this dress so pwetty.


Other photos that caught my eye:

so fairytale-ish~

loving these kinda skirts but have no idea where to get em

sigh cant wait for recess week to come!!

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