Friday, March 29, 2013

Ohvola Sale Loots!

After my first lost mail with ohvola, I didn't purchase anything from them already until they had a sale a few weeks back.
This time, I was kiasu enough to opt for registered postage! better play safe. heh. and thank goodness they arrived safe and sound!

Bought the Dolce lapel jacket in White and Lilya crochet frock in daffodil. MY FIRST YELLOW DRESS!!! I had always wanted a yellow dress.

Actual photos!
Looks so office ladyish when paired together.

The blazer isn't that well-manufactured, as you can see from the photo, the back tail (?) on the right side is longer than the left tail. It is padded at the shoulder and there's also a hidden front hook! I thought the lapel front design was pretty unique. Also, the colour is, well, pure white. absolutely no tinge of cream in it. Given that I got it for only 20 odd after postage, I guess its quite a decent purchase! I'm super worried that i'll dirty it though. woes of white clothing D:

As for the dress, it is made of rather stiff lace fabric. And the colour is pretty hard to capture on camera, it is a really rich golden yellow! none of my photos are anywhere near the color haha. The colour is so powerful I wonder if I'll dare to wear it out.
M was a little too loose so I just tied a satin sash as a belt.

The fit is okay, and I really like the length. Dresses that are too short are annoying, I prefer those that end just a few fingers above the knee! but there is this really awkward keyhole at the back, which doesn't look nice at all. I really dislike the exposed zip as well - they should just either have the keyhole and a hidden side zip or just 1 exposed zip at the back. I don't really understand why they need the exposed zip since there is already a hidden side zip. Kind of too many details going on.

The lovely lace details! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar Brunch Review

Headed to Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar yesterday to try their brunch offerings.
Located deep in winstedt road, it was a pretty quiet place for a laidback saturday brunch.

The place offers both outdoor and indoor seating. There were comfy sofa chairs indoors but they didn't let us sit there although it was unoccupied :(

The brunch menu is somewhat pricey as compared to other brunch places. 

Funny placemat.

Ordered the Sous Vide Eggs Benedict ($18), which was largely disappointing. 
Pretty stingy with hollandaise sauce, and it was tasteless. A slice of tomato was sandwiched between the undercooked poached eggs and english muffin. the poached eggs were more like half boiled eggs, the whites were not set and it was so runny it was a little hard to eat. Streaky bacon was tough and overcooked, but the sweet corn was nice.

Sh ordered the truffle scrambled eggs ($18)! only tried a bite of the humongous portobello mushroom, which was fat and juicy. 

Overall a good place with a nice ambience, but the quality of food isn't worth the prices. :( shall stick to my other eggs benedict places!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seoul I am going to Seoul

It had been a nerve wrecking 3 days over the weekend, after some lucky people received their exchange results on friday and me and sherlyn just spent the whole weekend despairing haha.  But all is well now :) Grats to everyone who got their exchange placements!

So I will be going to Seoul National University in August! Absolutely can't wait for all the shopping, eating, skiing, travelling... and hoping to squeeze in a week to Japan or so to visit my lovely host families :)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

waters waters everywhere

If you follow me on instagram you would know that I am a very -beach/water/sea- kind of person. I wonder why. Maybe its to balance out my inner aries' fiery soul heh. Above are some instag shots of my previous phuket/krabi trips. I always post some photos whenever I miss the places.

You know how some like to go on beach getaways to suntan/play beach volleyball etc? Well, not that i dislike those activities, but I rather spend some serene time on a quiet island IN THE SHADE HAH or snorkeling in the waters. Super love it when the boat is in the middle of the ocean, and no land in sight. That's true escape from reality.

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