Saturday, September 28, 2013

SNU Exchange - Finding accomodation!

Hello!!! Haven’t been on this blogging space in AGES… was busy with internship and pre-exchange stuff, but now that’s all settled and I've passed my first month in Seoul now! 

I'd just like to touch on one issue that was a major source of headache for this exchange.. and hope my recount will be useful for other future snu exchange students!


Sunday, September 08, 2013

London Trip - July 2013

Well well I haven't been here in a while! I'm currently in Seoul - had been busy settling down in this foreign country and settling all the administrative issues that burdens any exchange :(

Just a quickie update to try to clear my backlog of photos... so here's some shots from my London visit in July. It was my first time in London! I wasn't there purely for travel, as my family went over to attend my brother's graduation ceremony from King's College... 3 years sure flew by!

London (in fact, most parts of europe) is such a beautiful city! I love the architecture, all that intricate details. There are just too many photos that I want to share!! Gotta find an alternative method for uploading all those photos. any ideas?

Anyway, here are some that I managed to capture on the trip!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Taobao Shopping Guide

Hey all!

Many have been asking me how one can order from mega shopping website, so here's a guide on how to do so! I will be listing a few ways on how to order so do read on and determine which are you most comfortable with! Its fairly simple even for those who don't read Chinese :)

Saturday, June 01, 2013

SMU Exchange Application

I've decided to post a brief summary on how to apply for exchange since its the application season again! Its pretty confusing and too much information overload if you actually DO read through the stuff on Oasis.. but I'm thankful to have seniors giving me advice on where to go and how to apply!

I applied to universities in South Korea, so hope this post will be handy for those who are eyeing South Korea as well ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Taobao Haul April 2013

Taobao haul again!!

This came quite long ago, but here's a belated post because I have been hell busy the past few months. Probably the last Taobao haul till I head to Seoul! Really ought to curb my spending ugh.

 Best buys from this haul were these 2 really simple chiffon tanks!
I always wanted basic tanks but most blogshops were either selling cotton ones (which would become out of shape after a few washes) or pathetically thin and sheer chiffon tanks. I was sooo happy when I found this on taobao! it is double layered hence not sheer. Bought it in lilac and black!

Its a very basic cut, wore it in the following photo with lacepipe's floral jeans:

Might consider getting this in other colours since its so versatile and cooling for Singapore's weather! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food and more food

Haven't been updating this space in ages because I have been busy with internship! The only good thing is that I haven't faced the need to bring home work to do over the weekends.

Finally went out yesterday to The Rotisserie for brunch and Litying's pop up cafe!
It has been almost a year since we last headed to The Rotisserie (Review here) and it was full so we had to sit outdoors :(

The usual orders:

Just realised that I ate alot of potato food yesterday LOL. Potatos for every meal.

Headed to The Spatula and The Pen's first pop up cafe at 4point3 after that! It was started by my very talented senior who really bakes awesome goodies. and I am such a fan!! blew $14 on these goodies:

Had the malteses' cheescake and its was OH SO GOODDD. I really wanted to try everything she had especially the speculoos crack pie but due to budget constraints I just got a cheesecake :) Her prices are comparable to cafes etc but her cakes are SO MUCH NICER.

Also bought 2 cupcakes, chocolate mint for sh who likes mint and my personal favourite earl grey baileys! 3.80 might be a little pricey for a cupcake but whats unique is that her cupcakes have a ganache/cream(?) in the middle!!! and her chocolate ganache is always strong enough for my taste :')

Also, just last week, my family finally got a pet dog - a Shih Tzu! I went to visit it yesterday again but we can only bring it home next week because of vaccinations. It has been a long search for a dog and we wanted to adopt one initially but after countless futile attempts of trying to adopt one (We were always rejected simply because we did not have any prior experience.. what is this discrimination), we just decided to get a young puppy. It is a little rascal but yet so endearing. Have been doing extensive research on how to train it, hope that all goes well!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lacepipe Floral Jeans

Finally had the time to post up some photos of my blogshop buys. Retail therapy during exams heh.

Fossil watch, Lilac tank from Taobao, Navy and White Floral Pants from Lacepipe

Finally got this pair of floral pants from Lacepipe thanks to restocks! Got it in M which was tagged L. haha. FAT. Absolutely loving the floral prints, its not that common and the colour combination makes it fairly easy to match. Just that I have to be extra careful since its white, can't just sit anywhere. meh. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is made of real denim material, thought it would just be those kind of pseudo-jeans material!

Anyway I chopped off my hair (yet again), and its ultra short now. Feels super airy though, plus loving the fact that my hair dries so quickly now! Extremely useful since I only reach home at 11/12+am nowadays due to production practices and I don't have to waste precious sleep time waiting for the hair to dry.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer has come and gone

Surprise surprise, I have actually gotten wayy busier after exams. So I went to clarke quay on tuesday, my only free day after exams but before work started, to just chillax and have my hair treatment. Have been trying to work the dslr, but its so difficult! haha there are just too many functions and settings.

Headed to Relish for dinner with sh finally. havent met up in ages!! ;(

Gourmet burgers indeed.

 Bacon & xxx burger. all the sinful stuff on a plate.

I had some Blue cheese with poached pear burger. I must say the combination is kinda weird. Well blue cheese is... salty and cheesy, the pear was sweet, and it was accompanied by a layer of semi-chunky peanut butter.... the taste was one of a kind. 

I think I'd still head back to Fatboys or Handburger next time.

Haven't even had the time to update this space with my taobao hauls *yikes*.  well stay tuned for a massive shopping haul in the next few posts. haha. all my exam retail therapy buys!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh Hi Nikon - Camera Buying Experience

I'm such a camera junkie.
I already have a Canon compact and a semi-pro, but look at whats the latest addition to the family:

My Nikon D5100! :D

 Photos by my trusty compact of course heehee.
So I was contemplating getting either a mirrorless Olympus or a DSLR for quite some time. Well part of the hesitation was because a DSLR is just SO FREAKING HEAVY. But after weeks of thinking and talking to people, I decided to invest in a DSLR.

Then came the issue of WHICH to get... and oh my god never knew there were so many models. Well, price was a major factor and I decided on Nikon rather than Canon in the end... Change of brand eh. and after pestering avid photographers Flo and Nelson for advice, I kind of settled on the D3s/5s but was open to the D90 as well. gosh really too many models. 

So started the hunt on clubsnap forums for a decent 2nd hand one (because first hand was just TOO expensive), and after many attempts of futile bargaining - I swear photography is a male world. the countless "hey bro" opening msgs i received- I saw a sale post by a female seller at a decent price! :D well dont mind me stereotyping that girls DO take better care of their cameras... so I immd arranged for viewing and yay fast fingers secured me the deal. Definitely was apprehensive about 2nd hand ones after reading stories bout mould, fungus growing in the lens etc LOL. But when I held the camera, oh man it was literally love at first touch and I just had to get it, hahhahaha. Plus it was a pretty good deal I didnt have to bargain anything!

The stuffs in the package. 
The standard items: Camera bag, Body, Kit Lens, Lens cap, Nikon Strap, Battery
The extra items that she threw in: Black rapid strap, UV filter, Polarizing Filter, Memory card (SURPRISINGLY other sellers didn't include memory card when selling I was like whut)
And I got an additional original Nikon Battery + Nikon Remote from her as well for a reasonable price! 

I was lugging everything around on my birthday - definitely didn't expect the whole kit to be so heavy omg hahaha. 

All of these cost me less than 600 bucks. Woohoo! I'm pretty sure the price will go down in the next few months but I'm just to eager to get one and start learning how to take proper photos before going for exchange heh. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sh brought me for a lovely birthday dinner at the Salt Grill and Sky Bar at Ion. 
Such an atas place! haha. Impeccable service. The view was mad awesome, if not for the dirty window glass! We shared some crab omelette for appetizer and he had the spatchcock while I had the beef ribs for our mains. Super delicious and flavorful ! absolutely loved the mash potatoes. I think the most telling sign of whether a chef is good would be the mashed potatos. It was just so heavenly omg. 

And a dainty Fossil watch for my pressie! :) It is just perfect to wear for my internship heh. Haven't had a watch in ages so I hope I'll take care of it properly!!

Photos taken with my new Nikon D5100 :) Was so excited that I just started taking photos of everything with it haha! shall blog about it more another time!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ohvola Sale Loots!

After my first lost mail with ohvola, I didn't purchase anything from them already until they had a sale a few weeks back.
This time, I was kiasu enough to opt for registered postage! better play safe. heh. and thank goodness they arrived safe and sound!

Bought the Dolce lapel jacket in White and Lilya crochet frock in daffodil. MY FIRST YELLOW DRESS!!! I had always wanted a yellow dress.

Actual photos!
Looks so office ladyish when paired together.

The blazer isn't that well-manufactured, as you can see from the photo, the back tail (?) on the right side is longer than the left tail. It is padded at the shoulder and there's also a hidden front hook! I thought the lapel front design was pretty unique. Also, the colour is, well, pure white. absolutely no tinge of cream in it. Given that I got it for only 20 odd after postage, I guess its quite a decent purchase! I'm super worried that i'll dirty it though. woes of white clothing D:

As for the dress, it is made of rather stiff lace fabric. And the colour is pretty hard to capture on camera, it is a really rich golden yellow! none of my photos are anywhere near the color haha. The colour is so powerful I wonder if I'll dare to wear it out.
M was a little too loose so I just tied a satin sash as a belt.

The fit is okay, and I really like the length. Dresses that are too short are annoying, I prefer those that end just a few fingers above the knee! but there is this really awkward keyhole at the back, which doesn't look nice at all. I really dislike the exposed zip as well - they should just either have the keyhole and a hidden side zip or just 1 exposed zip at the back. I don't really understand why they need the exposed zip since there is already a hidden side zip. Kind of too many details going on.

The lovely lace details! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar Brunch Review

Headed to Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar yesterday to try their brunch offerings.
Located deep in winstedt road, it was a pretty quiet place for a laidback saturday brunch.

The place offers both outdoor and indoor seating. There were comfy sofa chairs indoors but they didn't let us sit there although it was unoccupied :(

The brunch menu is somewhat pricey as compared to other brunch places. 

Funny placemat.

Ordered the Sous Vide Eggs Benedict ($18), which was largely disappointing. 
Pretty stingy with hollandaise sauce, and it was tasteless. A slice of tomato was sandwiched between the undercooked poached eggs and english muffin. the poached eggs were more like half boiled eggs, the whites were not set and it was so runny it was a little hard to eat. Streaky bacon was tough and overcooked, but the sweet corn was nice.

Sh ordered the truffle scrambled eggs ($18)! only tried a bite of the humongous portobello mushroom, which was fat and juicy. 

Overall a good place with a nice ambience, but the quality of food isn't worth the prices. :( shall stick to my other eggs benedict places!