Monday, May 20, 2013

Taobao Haul April 2013

Taobao haul again!!

This came quite long ago, but here's a belated post because I have been hell busy the past few months. Probably the last Taobao haul till I head to Seoul! Really ought to curb my spending ugh.

 Best buys from this haul were these 2 really simple chiffon tanks!
I always wanted basic tanks but most blogshops were either selling cotton ones (which would become out of shape after a few washes) or pathetically thin and sheer chiffon tanks. I was sooo happy when I found this on taobao! it is double layered hence not sheer. Bought it in lilac and black!

Its a very basic cut, wore it in the following photo with lacepipe's floral jeans:

Might consider getting this in other colours since its so versatile and cooling for Singapore's weather! :)

Also got some stylo milo shades which I highly doubt I will wear hah.
Store: http://sue-san

Heart cut-out gloves for production! got 2 pairs, 1 in glossy black, another in matt black. This is the glossy one which i wore eventually! Considering selling away the other one.

How it looks like when paired with my costume:

Also bought some household items to be brought to korea!
They have really cute household decor/storage items!! Absolutely can't resist!

Got some storage boxes and a cute-sy flask!

It can store a tissue box on top and also comes with 2 small drawers. how cute!!

Also got a plastic holder for accessories! It is dual layer - saving more space!!

and the main trigger for the haul were these two bags!

Celine-inspired Bag! Saw this selling for $23526553 on blogshops and I was like hell, no way am I paying that much. So I went on TB and found this really awesome version which is made of good PVC leather. Not those cheapo ones that will flake away! The workmanship is just FAB. It might be a little pricy for something from TB but definitely worth every single cent!

Came across this while browsing and I was attracted to the spikes on the sides!! The flap is made from suede material. However, it isn't worth the price as there was quite a severe colour discrepancy (looked much darker and electric blue-ish in the stock photo) and 1 of the studs fell out immediately! :(

The lovebonito baxter belt has been selling out like crazy since its launch, but I decided to hunt my own on TB instead (again haha)! Baxter belt was a little too thick for my liking, so I managed to find the following belt which is similar :) This has a more structured metal piece!

Got the black one but it is too loose :( problem will be solved by punching a few more belt holes, but I just can't find the time :( Will be letting this go, leave a msg if interested!

And last but not least, SHOES SHOES SHOES! haha. I feel pretty accomplished as I had recently worn-to-death 2 pairs of flats/wedges. Literally. The whole sole of my flats broke into half. hahah. 

Absolutely lovee this store! they have really unique designs of footwear :) not too sure bout the wearability though haha.

Not too sure why i'm always buying blue/purplish stuff recently:

Here's a pair of bluish purple wedges! Its super comfy and the sole isn't the slippery kind! Not exactly cheap but worth the price :)

And another pair of heeled sandals that looked nice, but is not nice to wear! Due to the gaps at the side, my toe keeps slipping into an awkward position. oh well. But it is such a pretty piece! 

Thats all for this haul :) Hope I wouldn't get tempted to buy more! Do check out some of my preloved items over at :)


  1. hi!! may I ask how much did the chiffon tanks cost after shipping? and how did you go about buying from taobao haha am really new to this! thanks ^^

    1. hi they cost around 10 bucks each after shipping! I bought it through a china agent, will be doing up a post on how to shop from taobao soon :)

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  3. Hi, may I know the two Taobao bag links?

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Hi! the links are in the post :)


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