Saturday, August 27, 2011

Almost the end of another week!
Was so busy that when my ipod went flat on monday i haven't had the time to charge it until fir -.- and yes, dance pracs lasting till late in the night together with early morning classes are a killer combination -.- i've been reaching home no earlier than 12 for the past 3 days, shag much.
anyway i slipped and fell on the dammed cloth ytd today my little toe feels swollen/bruised.

Week 2 of school was fine, but its sad that i can't join the various cca clinics/talks cos of dance prac :( maybe i'll crash next year.

I'm starting to like biz law a lot, the prof is the best among all my mods but it is still dam confusing haha. and my project grp has liting, zhongming, huishan and an american exchange student. awesomee! absolutely have to meet up with inspirar group soon, haven't seen them in ages! and daniel has some new magic tricks to show!

Tuesdays are not too bad with lunch together with spongebob! the problem with uni is that its so difficult to find ppl to have lunch with. roar. hopefully we will still meetup for lunches in future!

Anyway, suntec semis today, didn't get to finals :( surprisingly all the funk groups didn't get in! roar what is this. but oh well, it has been a great experience with the girls and getting to semis on our first attempt as a solely waacking crew is already a big achievement! hope more people will start to recognize waacking! but for the next 2 days, gotta find back my groove for auditions on monday! ahhh.

Okay I have homework to do tomorrow! and looking forward to another week of school.. a free week! Omg its week 3 already, when the projects start to flow in. 12 more weeks till holiday! Also, a few personal matters to settle, eg make a pair of plastic specs, yoga classes...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boohoo my sunday is half gone T.T

Past few days have been busy as usual with suntec pracs! and we got in to semis waha. 2 more rounds to go! was so shag from going to school + pracs and yesterday it was horrible with tuition in the morning, rushing to suntec then going for recital prac. bryan's choreo is killer!!

friday was vivace! smu is really small the concourse was clogged up with freshmen! joined gourmet club, eye, smux and emix! but sadly wont be able to join back to sch dive :( clashes with finals and maf and registration closes this fri :/ ocsp interview was blah, no idea if i stand a chance to get in or not :(

must do my readings for this week's seminars soon :/ but i realized that compared to my ntu/nus counterparts, my timetable is freaking slack alr! hahaha.

and i'm so sad everyone is leaving one by one!! :( the US peeps first, followed by the UK peeps. sigh. I also wanna go overseas!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 days of school, 4 lessons.

Well, business law isn't so bad. Thankfully my prof is kinda like chris ho, so its not really sleep inducing. But 3 hours of seminar is just walao! dam long.
AS and AW and LTB are like ZZ. and not knowing anyone in the class makes it even more ZZ. and enthu people trying their best to class part is also ZZ. so irritating! AW and AS are like gp, ltb is like PW. omg kill me pls. There's not much workload yet, but simply listening to the profs during lesson time is so mentally-draining! and i haven't learnt anything concrete yet. Looking forward to biz law where i can learn something useful.

ocsp interview on friday, hope i get in together with the rest of the group! and vivace!! sigh which cca to join! emix, smu funk, gourmet club, smux, barworks, jcc, uni y, etc etc so manyy!!!

stats and aw tmr. boring ttm~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's the last day of my extremely long break. :( But it still feels like I haven't had enough fun :(

The past few days has been crazy busy, with tyrone event, dance pracs ending late and convoc and suntec yesterday. I'm so sick of suntec city! been there for 3 consecutive days. was feeling so shag yesterday but thankfully after a rare 8 hours of decent sleep, feeling so much more energized today woo!

The tyrone class and waacking battle were really inspiring, with all the dam zai malaysian waackers. (that came to spoil market!!) and they all dress up until sooo pretty :D

School is starting with a grand bang tomorrow with my first lesson being biz law. boohoo. tried to read the notes and stuff but it is SOSO boring!!! I'm so glad I didn't go to nottingham now. Can't stand all the legal jargon!!

I'm slowly starting to find out more foodie places around school! went with spongebob on friday to sunshine plaza (?) for the thai food! Phad thai and thai milk tea ftw! They had mango sticky rice too at $5! yumyum. but nowhere near SOB zz!

This week's gonna be crazy with school AND dance. Recital pracs starting this sat! I hope I don't die o.o anyway watching the hiphop crews ytd at suntec made me realize how much i miss hiphop!! Miss the groove :( okay no more waacking after recital!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wa the past week totally zoomed by and I am so tired now!!
Spent the past 6 days in school! totally sick of school now haha.

Friday and saturday were spent with inspirar! although the food catered were SO DAM BAD and there was alot of waiting time, i had a dam fun team (team daniel and dion ftw!) and the tauhuay and tang yuan at golden mile are SO DAM GOOD i can cry. LOL. dam awesome tangyuan especially. lucky there was daniel and his amateur magic tricks for entertainment! and seminar rooms are really awesome places to sleep in, carpet flooring + using the chair as a pillow :D only caught less than 3/4 hours of sleep though. but luckily i got assigned to the holding room for performers and the aunties were very nice they taught us their line dance performance item! hahaha.

Sunday was mad rush to pack my stuff for bondue, rush for tuition, rush to oschool recital auds then bondue camp! got in waacking as expected haha! so by the time i reached school i totally missed all the dirty games already. Bondue was =.= I don't remember doing much except for waiting, waiting, waiting for things to happen! Esp fright night, which wasnt quite scary at all except for the first room. roar!

and I got saboed up on stage for one of the stage games, but i got a cathay movie tix in return. We were like supposed to dance blindfolded wth! I can't do hiphop barefooted for nuts. Waacking control was all gone too, and there were facis/seniors from emix?? embarrassing much. But drinking night was fun, all the funny drinking games, and I didn't have to drink alot so I mostly saw other people getting drunk and becoming high. Hongkong accent was dam funny xD Met up with danica xijing mingkai for chit chat at like 3am. and only slept at 6?? siaoo. No wonder I was so shag.

Yesterday was crazy bidding day. barely caught up with my sleep. went to sch, ocs talk, configured my macbook then dance prac then was discussing about bids till 1am and it took me 1 hour to fall asleep -.- oh well but the results just came out and i got both my bids!! :D dam lucky. Plus my stats class has bobo, lijun and lydia. Awesome :) my preallocated ones i only see zhongming in biz law and a few inspirar people in the others. OKAY i shall be contented !!! I just realised that i can make a trip to old airport road/golden mile for lunch on tuesdays then come back to sch for AS. LIFE's GOOD.