Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's the last day of my extremely long break. :( But it still feels like I haven't had enough fun :(

The past few days has been crazy busy, with tyrone event, dance pracs ending late and convoc and suntec yesterday. I'm so sick of suntec city! been there for 3 consecutive days. was feeling so shag yesterday but thankfully after a rare 8 hours of decent sleep, feeling so much more energized today woo!

The tyrone class and waacking battle were really inspiring, with all the dam zai malaysian waackers. (that came to spoil market!!) and they all dress up until sooo pretty :D

School is starting with a grand bang tomorrow with my first lesson being biz law. boohoo. tried to read the notes and stuff but it is SOSO boring!!! I'm so glad I didn't go to nottingham now. Can't stand all the legal jargon!!

I'm slowly starting to find out more foodie places around school! went with spongebob on friday to sunshine plaza (?) for the thai food! Phad thai and thai milk tea ftw! They had mango sticky rice too at $5! yumyum. but nowhere near SOB zz!

This week's gonna be crazy with school AND dance. Recital pracs starting this sat! I hope I don't die o.o anyway watching the hiphop crews ytd at suntec made me realize how much i miss hiphop!! Miss the groove :( okay no more waacking after recital!

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