Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 days of school, 4 lessons.

Well, business law isn't so bad. Thankfully my prof is kinda like chris ho, so its not really sleep inducing. But 3 hours of seminar is just walao! dam long.
AS and AW and LTB are like ZZ. and not knowing anyone in the class makes it even more ZZ. and enthu people trying their best to class part is also ZZ. so irritating! AW and AS are like gp, ltb is like PW. omg kill me pls. There's not much workload yet, but simply listening to the profs during lesson time is so mentally-draining! and i haven't learnt anything concrete yet. Looking forward to biz law where i can learn something useful.

ocsp interview on friday, hope i get in together with the rest of the group! and vivace!! sigh which cca to join! emix, smu funk, gourmet club, smux, barworks, jcc, uni y, etc etc so manyy!!!

stats and aw tmr. boring ttm~

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