Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boohoo my sunday is half gone T.T

Past few days have been busy as usual with suntec pracs! and we got in to semis waha. 2 more rounds to go! was so shag from going to school + pracs and yesterday it was horrible with tuition in the morning, rushing to suntec then going for recital prac. bryan's choreo is killer!!

friday was vivace! smu is really small the concourse was clogged up with freshmen! joined gourmet club, eye, smux and emix! but sadly wont be able to join back to sch dive :( clashes with finals and maf and registration closes this fri :/ ocsp interview was blah, no idea if i stand a chance to get in or not :(

must do my readings for this week's seminars soon :/ but i realized that compared to my ntu/nus counterparts, my timetable is freaking slack alr! hahaha.

and i'm so sad everyone is leaving one by one!! :( the US peeps first, followed by the UK peeps. sigh. I also wanna go overseas!

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