Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wa the past week totally zoomed by and I am so tired now!!
Spent the past 6 days in school! totally sick of school now haha.

Friday and saturday were spent with inspirar! although the food catered were SO DAM BAD and there was alot of waiting time, i had a dam fun team (team daniel and dion ftw!) and the tauhuay and tang yuan at golden mile are SO DAM GOOD i can cry. LOL. dam awesome tangyuan especially. lucky there was daniel and his amateur magic tricks for entertainment! and seminar rooms are really awesome places to sleep in, carpet flooring + using the chair as a pillow :D only caught less than 3/4 hours of sleep though. but luckily i got assigned to the holding room for performers and the aunties were very nice they taught us their line dance performance item! hahaha.

Sunday was mad rush to pack my stuff for bondue, rush for tuition, rush to oschool recital auds then bondue camp! got in waacking as expected haha! so by the time i reached school i totally missed all the dirty games already. Bondue was =.= I don't remember doing much except for waiting, waiting, waiting for things to happen! Esp fright night, which wasnt quite scary at all except for the first room. roar!

and I got saboed up on stage for one of the stage games, but i got a cathay movie tix in return. We were like supposed to dance blindfolded wth! I can't do hiphop barefooted for nuts. Waacking control was all gone too, and there were facis/seniors from emix?? embarrassing much. But drinking night was fun, all the funny drinking games, and I didn't have to drink alot so I mostly saw other people getting drunk and becoming high. Hongkong accent was dam funny xD Met up with danica xijing mingkai for chit chat at like 3am. and only slept at 6?? siaoo. No wonder I was so shag.

Yesterday was crazy bidding day. barely caught up with my sleep. went to sch, ocs talk, configured my macbook then dance prac then was discussing about bids till 1am and it took me 1 hour to fall asleep -.- oh well but the results just came out and i got both my bids!! :D dam lucky. Plus my stats class has bobo, lijun and lydia. Awesome :) my preallocated ones i only see zhongming in biz law and a few inspirar people in the others. OKAY i shall be contented !!! I just realised that i can make a trip to old airport road/golden mile for lunch on tuesdays then come back to sch for AS. LIFE's GOOD.

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