Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Knot Fringe Tank Tutorial

So now that its summer, I'm in this DIY craze. Some of the modifications I've done:

And as a result, i'm out of plain denim shorts haha. I still need more to experiment with dip dyeing :(( where can i buy cheap denim shorts?

And another DIY tank I wore to Krabi!

Keep seeing all these fringe things around, with all the rage about tribal designs etc. so i decided to turn a boring, too-long tank into one that is more wearble.
Extremely easy modification, can be done in 10 minutes!

First cut away the hems and cut the edges into strips (you can decide the length yourself).

(zomg dam ugly fingernails)

Grab any two strips together and tie a dead knot!


Too easy. Of course this is just the one-tier design, can be continued to multi-tier knots to form a more complicated design.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rotisserie @ Rochester Mall

Headed down to the newly opened The Rotisserie at Rochester Mall for breakfast!
It was just 5 minutes walk from buona vista, so much more accessible than its other outlet.

It was still under renovation when we went there but otherwise a pretty good place to chill!

Yay the lacepipe romper! sh ordered for me while I was away in Krabi.

My River Island clutch which I rarely bring out haha.

Breakfast Rosti ($10)
Omg I love anything potato-related and this rosti was no exception! def gonna order it next time.

Aussie Breakfast ($10)
Choose your choice of egg + 3 other sides! fairly filling. Also ordered a Vanilla Hazelnut ice blended coffee. Whats breakfast without tea/coffee?
Walked around the area abit and came across this humongous starbucks:

Another good study place hmm.

Gonna have my 2nd wisdom tooth surgery today! means only porridge for the next few days :( boohoo.

Lacepipe Floating Roses Blue Romper

Got my Lacepipe romper!

As usual, it looks nicer on the model! teehee. 
It is made of chiffon, hidden back zip and with inner lining for the bottom part. Would have liked it better if it were fully lined!
Its a tad too short/tight for me and Im only 164.. or maybe I just have a longer torso hahahah. Guess I have to wear it with a long cardigan.

The original colour, a lovely sky blue base.
The prints are so summery! I just had to get it.

 Runched behind.


Can't wait to wear it out~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taiwan Trip! Part 3

Another main tourist attraction - Sun Moon Lake!
Its supposed to be shaped like a sun and a crescent, but seems like it has become out of shape haha

Went to some aborginal cultural village!

Pretty garden


Awesome roast pork!!

Bought this handcrafted bracelet


The lake at night and in the morning

Random fungi growing on the bridge LOL

 A nearby temple. 
Weather wasn't very good as can be seen from the grey clouds...

Back to Taipei!
Taipei 101.

Hello Kitty cafe~ didnt eat anything cos it was too expensive

Haha everyone testing the goodies at this famous shop. their feng li su really dam nice.

Went to shih lin! BUBBLE TEA.

Oyster omelette yumz

Beef noodles~

Rainy weather :((

Array of cup noodles LOL



Ok nothing much at jiufen actually.


Ah zong mian xian. cheap and good

Tried the bittergourd drink. the taste is... hard to describe HAHA. but not bad. why singapore dun have??

Finally ate my xlbs on the last day!!

Ok that sums up my taiwan tour trip!! Would love to go another time on free and easy, more night markets and shopping and theme parks wheeee