Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taiwan Trip! Part 3

Another main tourist attraction - Sun Moon Lake!
Its supposed to be shaped like a sun and a crescent, but seems like it has become out of shape haha

Went to some aborginal cultural village!

Pretty garden


Awesome roast pork!!

Bought this handcrafted bracelet


The lake at night and in the morning

Random fungi growing on the bridge LOL

 A nearby temple. 
Weather wasn't very good as can be seen from the grey clouds...

Back to Taipei!
Taipei 101.

Hello Kitty cafe~ didnt eat anything cos it was too expensive

Haha everyone testing the goodies at this famous shop. their feng li su really dam nice.

Went to shih lin! BUBBLE TEA.

Oyster omelette yumz

Beef noodles~

Rainy weather :((

Array of cup noodles LOL



Ok nothing much at jiufen actually.


Ah zong mian xian. cheap and good

Tried the bittergourd drink. the taste is... hard to describe HAHA. but not bad. why singapore dun have??

Finally ate my xlbs on the last day!!

Ok that sums up my taiwan tour trip!! Would love to go another time on free and easy, more night markets and shopping and theme parks wheeee

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  1. wow the view of the lake is sooo amazing...both during the day and at night time! the mirrors arrangement on the grass is also incredible. such a clever and cute idea! love how it seems like the deer are on the grass too! :D ooh and the HK cafe looks so adorable...even if it's pricey I'd still love to try some haha. and yumm! xiao long bao is always a great treat :P



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