Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Knot Fringe Tank Tutorial

So now that its summer, I'm in this DIY craze. Some of the modifications I've done:

And as a result, i'm out of plain denim shorts haha. I still need more to experiment with dip dyeing :(( where can i buy cheap denim shorts?

And another DIY tank I wore to Krabi!

Keep seeing all these fringe things around, with all the rage about tribal designs etc. so i decided to turn a boring, too-long tank into one that is more wearble.
Extremely easy modification, can be done in 10 minutes!

First cut away the hems and cut the edges into strips (you can decide the length yourself).

(zomg dam ugly fingernails)

Grab any two strips together and tie a dead knot!


Too easy. Of course this is just the one-tier design, can be continued to multi-tier knots to form a more complicated design.


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  2. you're so amazing with the DIY! :D the ones with the denim are incredible. the shorts look especially good and like something you'd see instore. and the dead knots on the fringed top were so clever haha, otherwise the bottom part would look rather odd and amateurish! amazing job overall.



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