Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rotisserie @ Rochester Mall

Headed down to the newly opened The Rotisserie at Rochester Mall for breakfast!
It was just 5 minutes walk from buona vista, so much more accessible than its other outlet.

It was still under renovation when we went there but otherwise a pretty good place to chill!

Yay the lacepipe romper! sh ordered for me while I was away in Krabi.

My River Island clutch which I rarely bring out haha.

Breakfast Rosti ($10)
Omg I love anything potato-related and this rosti was no exception! def gonna order it next time.

Aussie Breakfast ($10)
Choose your choice of egg + 3 other sides! fairly filling. Also ordered a Vanilla Hazelnut ice blended coffee. Whats breakfast without tea/coffee?
Walked around the area abit and came across this humongous starbucks:

Another good study place hmm.

Gonna have my 2nd wisdom tooth surgery today! means only porridge for the next few days :( boohoo.


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