Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taiwan Trip! Part 2

Alright I'm too lazy to type stuff, shall just spam photos :D

My favourite caramel pudding! 

Roselle biscuits given by the hotel. super yumz. If anyone knows where I can buy this let me knoww.

One of the remaining city gates

BEACHESS but they were quite polluted.

Super cheap beach wear!

Gongcha. Their cup is humongous and costs only 1 buck plus! super cheap as compared to SG.

Apparently those 3 fan-like structures are where a nuclear plant is located. like seriously?? A nuclear plant so close to the beach?? and the tour guide was saying those beachgo-ers not afraid of death, so much radiative materials in the sea and they're still happily swimming in there. 

Binlang - Betel nut? Taiwanese love them. Tried it but it was like tasteless/ had a weird aftertaste. eek.

Night market at gaoxiong!

Snake meat zomg.

Fried mushroom! good stuff loved it :D

Chou Dou fu. 

It really wasn't that bad! 

Papaya milkshake. I actually think SG's ones are much nicer!

More food hee hee. they had alot of seafood but we didn't dare to try any! 

Okays shall continue the spam another time.

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