Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taiwan Trip ! Part 1

Finally got down to blogging about the taiwan trip haha. Didn't have the mood to do so the past few days with the release of component grades and results every other day. But I'm thankful that my grades are not as screwed as expected, although they did pull down my gpa by quite abit.


Headed to the airport early in the morning to catch our CI flight!

Pretty clouds dotting the air.

Weather in Taiwan was erratic! It could be pouring one minute and completely sunny the other. Same as Singapore.

For the first night, we headed to Dan Shui. Sadly it was raining and at night so couldn't take photos of the pretty river :/
Tried some taiwan food:

Fish-meat balls, noodles, some tofu skin wrapped noodles kinda thing I forgot its name D:

When you open the tofu skin its noodles!!

Tornado potato with 3 different seasoning. quite yumz.

The next day we went to the Gugong museum! or rather, National Palace Museum. 
Couldn't take photos inside the exhibits, but they had thousands of artifacts :O and my favourite was some fei cui jade bangle. first time seeing a red and green jade!

Toilet signs super cute :D

Later on in the afternoon we took a train to Hualian! It was my first time sitting a train lol.

Testing out the effects of my camera haha
The train was delayed so I stating toying around with the different functions

This one colour function thing is really cool!

At night we went to this night market near our hotel, Marshal Hotel...

Busy busy street.

Had cravings for xiao long bao! and there was this famous shop called 公正包子店. The queue was like LONG. so we decided to try it out.

Xiaolongbaos at only NT5!! thats like $0.25 for each bao.

But to my disappointment it was not the usual xiaolongbao we have in sg! 

It was like a normal pau. something like our chicken pau, just that the filling tastes the same as a xiaolongbao. Oh well but for the price i'm not complaining.
Apparently the kind of xiaolongbaos i wanted was called xiaolong TANG bao (meaning soup).... hahaha. 

Headed to Taroko National Park the next day.

Look at the cloud!!!

Tour guide was telling us about the history of taiwan and this place. And about how there are many falling rocks etc and how one of them broke his foot a few years back D: dangerous! We had to wear helmets while walking around.

Some hot spring water coffee which cost as much as a starbucks coffee :O

Whole taiwan was filled with land/rivers like that. When it rains it becomes a big overflowing river!

Bento stop on the way.

Still prefer Japan's bentos heehee. 

More to be continued in the next part! time to go for dance~

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