Saturday, August 27, 2011

Almost the end of another week!
Was so busy that when my ipod went flat on monday i haven't had the time to charge it until fir -.- and yes, dance pracs lasting till late in the night together with early morning classes are a killer combination -.- i've been reaching home no earlier than 12 for the past 3 days, shag much.
anyway i slipped and fell on the dammed cloth ytd today my little toe feels swollen/bruised.

Week 2 of school was fine, but its sad that i can't join the various cca clinics/talks cos of dance prac :( maybe i'll crash next year.

I'm starting to like biz law a lot, the prof is the best among all my mods but it is still dam confusing haha. and my project grp has liting, zhongming, huishan and an american exchange student. awesomee! absolutely have to meet up with inspirar group soon, haven't seen them in ages! and daniel has some new magic tricks to show!

Tuesdays are not too bad with lunch together with spongebob! the problem with uni is that its so difficult to find ppl to have lunch with. roar. hopefully we will still meetup for lunches in future!

Anyway, suntec semis today, didn't get to finals :( surprisingly all the funk groups didn't get in! roar what is this. but oh well, it has been a great experience with the girls and getting to semis on our first attempt as a solely waacking crew is already a big achievement! hope more people will start to recognize waacking! but for the next 2 days, gotta find back my groove for auditions on monday! ahhh.

Okay I have homework to do tomorrow! and looking forward to another week of school.. a free week! Omg its week 3 already, when the projects start to flow in. 12 more weeks till holiday! Also, a few personal matters to settle, eg make a pair of plastic specs, yoga classes...

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