Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food and more food

Haven't been updating this space in ages because I have been busy with internship! The only good thing is that I haven't faced the need to bring home work to do over the weekends.

Finally went out yesterday to The Rotisserie for brunch and Litying's pop up cafe!
It has been almost a year since we last headed to The Rotisserie (Review here) and it was full so we had to sit outdoors :(

The usual orders:

Just realised that I ate alot of potato food yesterday LOL. Potatos for every meal.

Headed to The Spatula and The Pen's first pop up cafe at 4point3 after that! It was started by my very talented senior who really bakes awesome goodies. and I am such a fan!! blew $14 on these goodies:

Had the malteses' cheescake and its was OH SO GOODDD. I really wanted to try everything she had especially the speculoos crack pie but due to budget constraints I just got a cheesecake :) Her prices are comparable to cafes etc but her cakes are SO MUCH NICER.

Also bought 2 cupcakes, chocolate mint for sh who likes mint and my personal favourite earl grey baileys! 3.80 might be a little pricey for a cupcake but whats unique is that her cupcakes have a ganache/cream(?) in the middle!!! and her chocolate ganache is always strong enough for my taste :')

Also, just last week, my family finally got a pet dog - a Shih Tzu! I went to visit it yesterday again but we can only bring it home next week because of vaccinations. It has been a long search for a dog and we wanted to adopt one initially but after countless futile attempts of trying to adopt one (We were always rejected simply because we did not have any prior experience.. what is this discrimination), we just decided to get a young puppy. It is a little rascal but yet so endearing. Have been doing extensive research on how to train it, hope that all goes well!

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  1. gosh ure making me hungry! haha


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