Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lacepipe Floral Jeans

Finally had the time to post up some photos of my blogshop buys. Retail therapy during exams heh.

Fossil watch, Lilac tank from Taobao, Navy and White Floral Pants from Lacepipe

Finally got this pair of floral pants from Lacepipe thanks to restocks! Got it in M which was tagged L. haha. FAT. Absolutely loving the floral prints, its not that common and the colour combination makes it fairly easy to match. Just that I have to be extra careful since its white, can't just sit anywhere. meh. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is made of real denim material, thought it would just be those kind of pseudo-jeans material!

Anyway I chopped off my hair (yet again), and its ultra short now. Feels super airy though, plus loving the fact that my hair dries so quickly now! Extremely useful since I only reach home at 11/12+am nowadays due to production practices and I don't have to waste precious sleep time waiting for the hair to dry.


  1. i like the color :)

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