Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer has come and gone

Surprise surprise, I have actually gotten wayy busier after exams. So I went to clarke quay on tuesday, my only free day after exams but before work started, to just chillax and have my hair treatment. Have been trying to work the dslr, but its so difficult! haha there are just too many functions and settings.

Headed to Relish for dinner with sh finally. havent met up in ages!! ;(

Gourmet burgers indeed.

 Bacon & xxx burger. all the sinful stuff on a plate.

I had some Blue cheese with poached pear burger. I must say the combination is kinda weird. Well blue cheese is... salty and cheesy, the pear was sweet, and it was accompanied by a layer of semi-chunky peanut butter.... the taste was one of a kind. 

I think I'd still head back to Fatboys or Handburger next time.

Haven't even had the time to update this space with my taobao hauls *yikes*.  well stay tuned for a massive shopping haul in the next few posts. haha. all my exam retail therapy buys!

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