Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh Hi Nikon - Camera Buying Experience

I'm such a camera junkie.
I already have a Canon compact and a semi-pro, but look at whats the latest addition to the family:

My Nikon D5100! :D

 Photos by my trusty compact of course heehee.
So I was contemplating getting either a mirrorless Olympus or a DSLR for quite some time. Well part of the hesitation was because a DSLR is just SO FREAKING HEAVY. But after weeks of thinking and talking to people, I decided to invest in a DSLR.

Then came the issue of WHICH to get... and oh my god never knew there were so many models. Well, price was a major factor and I decided on Nikon rather than Canon in the end... Change of brand eh. and after pestering avid photographers Flo and Nelson for advice, I kind of settled on the D3s/5s but was open to the D90 as well. gosh really too many models. 

So started the hunt on clubsnap forums for a decent 2nd hand one (because first hand was just TOO expensive), and after many attempts of futile bargaining - I swear photography is a male world. the countless "hey bro" opening msgs i received- I saw a sale post by a female seller at a decent price! :D well dont mind me stereotyping that girls DO take better care of their cameras... so I immd arranged for viewing and yay fast fingers secured me the deal. Definitely was apprehensive about 2nd hand ones after reading stories bout mould, fungus growing in the lens etc LOL. But when I held the camera, oh man it was literally love at first touch and I just had to get it, hahhahaha. Plus it was a pretty good deal I didnt have to bargain anything!

The stuffs in the package. 
The standard items: Camera bag, Body, Kit Lens, Lens cap, Nikon Strap, Battery
The extra items that she threw in: Black rapid strap, UV filter, Polarizing Filter, Memory card (SURPRISINGLY other sellers didn't include memory card when selling I was like whut)
And I got an additional original Nikon Battery + Nikon Remote from her as well for a reasonable price! 

I was lugging everything around on my birthday - definitely didn't expect the whole kit to be so heavy omg hahaha. 

All of these cost me less than 600 bucks. Woohoo! I'm pretty sure the price will go down in the next few months but I'm just to eager to get one and start learning how to take proper photos before going for exchange heh. :)


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    1. hi! do follow me and i'll follow back!

  2. you have such an amazing Nikon!


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