Sunday, September 08, 2013

London Trip - July 2013

Well well I haven't been here in a while! I'm currently in Seoul - had been busy settling down in this foreign country and settling all the administrative issues that burdens any exchange :(

Just a quickie update to try to clear my backlog of photos... so here's some shots from my London visit in July. It was my first time in London! I wasn't there purely for travel, as my family went over to attend my brother's graduation ceremony from King's College... 3 years sure flew by!

London (in fact, most parts of europe) is such a beautiful city! I love the architecture, all that intricate details. There are just too many photos that I want to share!! Gotta find an alternative method for uploading all those photos. any ideas?

Anyway, here are some that I managed to capture on the trip!

On the way to the city from Heathrow

Addington Street - Where our hotel was

Krispy Kreme at Waterloo Station!

First stop was Borough Market. I LOVE THAT PLACE

Monmouth - a must-try 

Pulled Pork


Walked from Borough to some contemporary museum then to St Paul's

We had a truly, authentic, european style afternoon tea at The Royal Park Hotel, which was really just a small hotel.
But we were the only customers and had the whole garden to ourselves! 15 pounds per pax.

And other random places

Also went on daytrips to Cotswolds and Stonehenge/Bath! quaint places. 

Love love love the cottages in Cotswolds. Feels like a puzzle came alive.

And Blenhelm Palace. Which was so big. so so so big.

Not too sure if its a good thing to have an overcast sky when we were at Stonehenge.

and Bath, which houses the University of Bath, and the Roman Baths. Didnt get photos of the Roman Baths cos it was too dark inside.

Some others of London City

Well well Buckingham palace!

The changing of guards was rather interesting. I didnt notice the change, but the band did pay to popular songs such as Adele's hits. I was surprised.

and interesting foods at Camden Market


and we went to London to eat this Kangaroo meat burger. #okcan

Managed to get tickets to Les Miserables thanks to Jing. Crazy awesome musical I would totally recommend this to anyone going London!! 

A pretty lengthy post, and I shall end off with some feet obsession :)
Till my next!

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