Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay so now that emix production and CNY's over, its time to chiong assignments and projects :( hate this evil cycle.

Have been sleeping most of the time the past few days and i can't figure out why im so tired. maybe its just the new bedsheets. CNY has been a bore, went temple visiting mainly since my relatives are overseas. I really need to visit more temples my luck this year has been at an all time low.


some photos from production:

 weicheng always has this face -.-

Funny photos:
 okay so the photographer was taking multiple shots and this was the last hence i ran out of ideas of what pose to do LOL

 LOL me and nikki were taking a photo then the guys just barged in omg gay ttm.

Our victorian costume. First time I spent so much effort into MAKING a costume instead of just buying one. But a bitch to dance in really.

Tong and her colourful powderful street jazz costume. Love their costumessss.

The end.

Next up: SDD!

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