Tuesday, December 27, 2011


so my immune system finally gave way yesterday, after not resting from chiangmai's horribly cold weather and nights of xmas partying. DAMM FLU. its so horrible i couldn't sleep properly yesterday (I kept dreaming that people were moving around forcing me to change my sleep location) and my nose now resembles that of rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

been meeting up with good ol friends the past few days and i couldn't ask for more. miss the hopper girls esp since most of them are in nus puu. MAD shopping trip to bangkok in june/july next year! haha can't wait. hope it'll realise though, bet its gonna be dammm fun!! (ok our costume shopping outings in sg are alr so fun xD)

anyway my phone had sudden death on xmas day, what a timely death -.- so now i'm using iphone 3 and having loads of fun with the camera apps. LOL late bloomer. needs to buy a casing soon though.

oh well. finally dancing again later after more than 3 weeks of absence.

2 weeks till sch reopens omg hates.