Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I'm flying off  to Chiangmai tonight. Can't believe its today.

Wish I was back in korea, trekking in the winter cold. Give me a mountain to climb any day man, beats going to build stuff. Seriously why did I sign up for ocsp, no idea. Language barrier's gonna be the main challenge ugh.

Gonna miss dance sessions. omg horrible thought of the choreos i have to catch up with when I get back, plus recapping the old ones, no joke no joke. sigh.

First time going on an ocsp trip. So different from all my previous travelling experiences. No bentos, no camping etc. Don't feel like going anymore, after all, I'm not really destined to travel this year. But oh well money's already paid, just have to go luh. Let's just hope the host family doesn't cook too much spicy food. I'm so gonna lose weight over there. MUST EAT MY MANGO STICKY RICE AT ALL COSTS.

My luggage is awfully small and light. I STRONGLY REFUSE to fly budget next time for trips longer than 1 week. seriously, too much hassle. and its not even that cheap.

Goodbye. I'm gonna miss everything in Singapore this time round. Can't wait to come back and have all the christmas parties and gatherings.