Saturday, December 03, 2011


woah its december already. the year zoomed past!!

so the past few days I have been attending meetings and watching dramas. watching secret garden and ouran high school now!! I swear one of the ouran characters look like janan. secret garden is okay, still have 16 more eps to go but I'm kinda bored already.

Anyway on wednesday siau and me went shopping at bugis before campfire.

 BARIO RAMEN woohoo ordered half ramen this time and still dam full D:
Wa my hair was longer previously. but now its dam short T.T what happened was that while we were shopping, these people from toni&guy academy approached us to cut hair for free so well who can resist a free hair cut so yea I cut my hair! and they gave us cards for complimentary hair cuts for the next 3 appointments. So people, if you want a free hair cut, hang around bugis.

Went back to salt for campfire, but it was too boring. I guess that's what happens when you don't really know any of the grand juniors haha ohwell so sica siau and I left for KAP!
 Island creameryyyyyy

Ice cream!!
Ordered teh tarik as usual. lala. awesome ice cream. 

 Time to pack for ocsp and settle all the programmes argh can't believe I'm flying so soon :(