Friday, October 14, 2011

I shop too much.

Week 9 is over, but nothing much of a relief cause week 10 is gonna be much much worse :( my aw presentation and quiz got pushed to next week ROARR. So i have 3 presentations this week and two assignments, one 30% of my final grade to submit on monday. thanks.

Dead tired.

Tomorrow shall be spent completing Stats and AS in school then dance and dance. grr I still need to look for black heels.

New loots in the mail today!

More stickers! and Hello Kitty spectacle cases! too cute too cute. but i don't really have any extra specs to dump in =.=

and I bought quite a couple of rings, so now this is my whole ring collection!

 too many rings for too little fingers.
 and blur me accidentally placed orders for 2 of the moustache rings -.- okay i don't need TWO of the same ones, so whoever wants to buy it please let me know. 

Okay and i decided i don't like the green one too (bottom left) LOL. okay once again whoever is interested to own it lmk!

another pouch that I made last week for my holga! I like this better.