Friday, October 28, 2011


likka sian.
Just took my two jabs for ocsp and now my left arm is sore like shit. Don't even know how I'm gonna waack tomorrow. LTB class at 830am on a saturday morning gosh. dance consecutively from 3pm-10pm tmr, can die.

Anyway finally done with LTB report and slides. Gosh the bane of my sem 1, seriously. Declares it my most inefficient group project ever. Now there's only AW paper left roarrr. Hates.

And my timetable for next sem is gonna be sucky :"( sobs. such is life. Still finding people to bid with me for my mods!

Oh well at least I'm gonna meetup with HPYS this sunday. Finally going out with people instead of stoning at home omg. I miss my friends :'(

Shoutout: My OCSP is selling rings for fundraising! Okay so basically we're going to this village in chiang mai called Samoeng to share with the kids there and also to expand their library!
All profits goes towards our project :)
Visit our page for more designs!!