Friday, October 21, 2011

another week

An exceptionally tiring week. and I still have presentation tomorrow. ARGHHH.

Had fundraising for ocsp.. oh my I really dislike these kinda things cause I feel really paiseh to ask people (esp random people who will just give you the "NO I DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR OCSP" look.) Really appreciate those friends who supported! Like suay wingyau hahaha the first thing i saw her after not seeing her since school started was to ask her to buy our biscuits/bookmark. Anyway sitting under the concourse aircon for 5 hours on wednesday was no joke, immediately felt super ill roar.

Still gotta finish up LTB report before heading to sch for subcomm meeting later. sigh all those icebreaking all over again!

I need to go out and playyy.

Needs a new bagpack before I fly to thailand. Should I be a spendthrift and splurge on a manhattan portage??