Monday, October 17, 2011


After the very nerve-wrecking but well done biz law presentation, I went to Iluma to try out the remaining ramen stores in the ramen championship!
The last time I went I had ramen from tetsu. it was super awesome especially the broth but probably due to the crowd their egg was substandard!! roar it wasn't runny inside at all. DOWNERR.
Luckily we went at like 4pm today, weird timing so the place was empty and the eggs were yummy teehee.

Bario - $14

I can foresee Bario winning the championship. HAHA. omg their soup is like sooo good but yet so sinful with floating bits of pork fat?? calories calories. not for the health conscious. 
and they were absolutely generous with their noodles and beansprouts.. why not the meat? T.T the meat was so tasty but way too fatty.
Don't really fancy their kind of noodles, its like the thick, flat, shoelace kind. the egg was not runny enough but the yolk was freaking awesome.
anyway I need to stop being greedy and order the half sized portion next time. Can never finish the normal sized ones DD: too much noodles!!

Gan Tetsu Miso Ramen -$15

Also tried this!! they were super generous with their meat 3 full slices of meat without fats! *brownie points*. don't really fancy miso based ramen but otherwise was good.

Left 3 stores teehee.