Monday, October 03, 2011


first day of recess week!! I have decided that I am not going to do any work today. So there. aw ltb biz law stats can wait~

Car wash yesterday was alright, but damm ecp is so freaking far away :( had the cheap $1.20 icecream after the whole event and it never tasted so good before HAHA.

Yummy baked rice for dinner yesterday :D just nice after a long day of car washing and travellingg.

So despite banning school work today, I didnt slack off my morning alright I packed my room and made a new housing for my beloved instax! 

It used to be this qianbian thing:

haha what a retarded pouch. anyway so I rummaged through all the spare fabrics lying around and sewed this!:


at first i wanted to make it a reversible pouch, but then it was too much work and detail hah so being lazy I just decided to make a normal one.

Gingham inner lining with a compartment for extra film woo!

my messy window ledge!!!

and the two polaroids which I took with the girls who flew to uk. roar take care and missing yall like crazy~

Okay its barely 12pm time to find other things to do!!