Thursday, October 06, 2011


Sad to say, recess week is almost over, and I haven't completed any major assignments/projects sigh.

Recently my luck just keeps going downhill for some unknown reason. I ALWAYS just miss 190 and end up having to wait 20 mins for the next one. seriously what is wrong with smart - 190 coming at 20 mins intervals ?? Then I will meet with a jam, etc. so on average each journey to sch or back from sch take about 75 mins. bleh absolutely waste of time.

Past few days were horrible days, there is so much work to do and I realized how pathetically little friends I have in SMU. the only good things that happened were going to salted caramel and zaihar's open class yesterday. woo! loved the choreo~

I know Steve Jobs just passed away. I'm not a fan of apple products, and I absolutely DISLIKE mac I have no idea why my safari runs soooo slowly i'm switching to chrome soon but he was an extraordinary guy. roar. My safari is seriously loading at a snail's pace and it's annoying me greatly.