Saturday, February 09, 2013

Review: Threadtheory and lacepipe loots

CNY season, bought too many new clothes :/
Here are two of the recent pieces that I got!

1. Lacepipe Black and gold tweed shorts
Got this BN from a reseller, it was from a launch almost a year ago!

2. Threadtheory Bloom Blaum Cut-in Lace top in Indigo $25.50
I rarely see people talking about thread theory, is it a new blogshop? I really think it is underrated for the quality of apparel they offer and the designs.
Managed to get the 2nd last piece in M heh. wanted S at first but it was OOS, and the threadtheory girls  very quickly reserved it for me :) Really love their customer service as well as their apparel! I hope they remain as good even if they grow bigger, unlike some other mega blogshops with awful cs :(

Stock photos:

Can I just mention that the threadtheory model, Elaine Jasmine, is SO PRETTY.

Love the electric blue colour and the lace details :) Theres a slight colour difference, the one in the stock photo seems more purplish, but i saw elaine's instagram so i knew it was more of electric blue 

Recently this "cut-in" or racer front style has been getting popular, but I still don't quite like it. IMO, its not very flattering, just makes me look fat. Plus it kind of looks like a swimsuit...
But this cut in isn't that extreme so it'll pass. theres an inner opaque lining and if you enlarge the pic you can see that the lining covers the zip too :) so that the zip won't scrap your skin. this made my $25.50 worth it haha
I really really appreciate it when the lining of an apparel is NOT sheer. it really saves alot of worry and problems and I don't have to wear another inner layer etc. you'll be surprised at how many blogshops have sheer lining in their items out there. so annoying!!!

Although this top is a little on the pricey side (to me, who usually budgets $26 for a dress lol), I decided to buy it after a few weeks of contemplation and totally not regretting it :) 

and now for the tweed shorts!

It is realllyyy hard to capture the gold tweed details :(

There was a little hole at the side of the shorts when i got it, which i'm sure is a manufacturing defect because it was brand new WITH tag, so the previous owner hadn't worn it at all. but it was easily mended with a few stitches.

I remember tweed was in the rage around 5 years back? because i still have another pair of tweed shorts that i got from taiwan when i first started online shopping in sec 2/3. haha. trends keep repeating. I really like the gold in the tweed though, makes it look more dressy!

When paired together :) but no I'm not gonna wear them together cos black is disallowed for CNY heh.


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  2. I love your shirt, following you too!


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