Monday, February 04, 2013

Eastern Europe Travelogue Day 11: Berlin, Germany

After a wonderful day at Dresden, we continued on to Berlin! ;)
Not many photos cause I got lazy towards the end of the trip....

Always wanted to visit Berlin because its such a historically iconic city!
and the architecture in Berlin is more modern, completely different from the last 32420398 towns we went to..

Fascinated by the Berlin Wall

Remnants of the wall

Checkpoint Charlie. Sneak photo! We would have to pay to take photo with them 

Cutesy souvenir shop with small pieces of the wall, wonder if they are real!

Love this slogan :)


The Brandenburg Gate if i'm not wrong. which was closed due to renovations :( we ended up getting starbucks haha

Went into a shopping mall to taste the best coffee? (As recommended by the tour guide) But dad said it was soso

Zee coffee. 
And i went around taking photos of food.

GERMANY IS THE HOME OF RITTERSPORT!! but i didnt go in :( should have bought more!!

Cute Traffic man. 

And more of the berlin wall!

Towards the evening it started pouring... really heavily!! couldn't take really good photos of this magnificent structure, the victory column :/

Then we went to .. some restaurant out of the city area for dinner! which was my favourite....

PORK KNUCKLE!!!! It was soooooo humongous and sooooo good yumzzzz 

And then the next day we had some shopping time in berlin!
obviously not many photos cos we were busy shopping..... 

The shopping street!

Well after some shopping at Berlin we headed to Leipzig, which was just a really small town for our transit stopover to frankfurt. Spent a good 1.5 days travelling back to frankfurt to get to the airport :( and I was too lazy to take photos hee.

Absolutely loved Eastern Europe and hope to explore the countries in greater depth in future :) backpacking trip maybe?


  1. I love Berlin! one of my top favourite cities, glad you liked it there. Hope you enjoyed Germany!

    1. Yes, would love to visit Germany someday again! :)

  2. another set of awesome photos, thanks for sharing...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. Lovely photos! Lucky you! Enjoy your travel! I believe one day I'll be walking down Berlin streets too!


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