Friday, August 17, 2012

Last holiday update - DIY and more

Sigh my long summer break is going to be over in 3 days.
Basically just chilled and had fun this summer. Travelled to taiwan, thailand and europe, dyed my hair turquoise  danced, etc. 

Received my la riche lilac hair dye from mianbao! my next colour after turquoise for dip dyeing. 

A DIY laptop case for my new toshiba baby which i zhnged myself. it was originally a free zalora laptop case .
Simply cut out a heart shaped applique from random fabric and fixed it on with the studs i got from taobao :)

Close up of the details. not very neat but nvm :)

Leopard print nails that were done by Charmaine :) it was so awesome a whole bunch of us girls AND guys painting nails in the convoc holding room haha dam funny. Charmy's bf got her a whole set of nail brushes and dotting tools :) super sweet! and she is really really good at nail art i would so go to her for manicures if she became a manicurist!!

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