Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lacepipe warehouse sale loots + more shopping!

I ought to smack myself for breaking my vow and still shopping :(
But nowadays the wares around me are too pretty/functional to resist! Esp at bugis street, so many pretty basics that i can stock up on :(( 

Got the following two pieces at bugis!

Distressed denim shirtdress! 15 bucks. 
This was love at first sight. I have plenty of denim jacket, denim romper, shirt, vest etc and now a shirtdress to add to the collection :))

Close up of the bleaching.. The pattern so unique and pretty!!! Can't wait to wear it to school.

Also bought this quirky knitted denim-collared top for 10 bucks!

Always wanted a shirt like that.

Lovely intricate details, super good quality for its price :)
But i'm having a hard time thinking of how to match it haa! ugh. 

Also went to Lacepipe's warehouse sale at eunos on saturday. 
Omg its really a nightmare when you stay in the west. FRIGGIN FAR. Anyway we went at 10am to queue when it supposedly starts at 11. Thank goodness for that because i heard that those who went later queued for x hours!!! we were out by 12. Was telling the bj that actually theres nth much left after our batch (which was only the 2nd batch btw), like most items i got were last pieces and the rest of the designs werent really nice. so moral of the story, go early for warehouse sales!!! 

Our early-ness paid off :) jiaqi went back with over 70 bucks of stuff hahaha shes the biggest spender. Me bought 5 items~1 grey studded cardi, beige top, and peplum shorts for 10 bucks each, a jumpsuit and skater dress for 12 bucks :) total damage, 54 bucks. LE SIGH. But really loving all my items :) esp the jumpsuit!

LOOK AT THE PRINT. it is SOOO pretty i couldn't resist. although it was last piece and the condition of the buttons weren't very good, i still grabbed it.

I managed to google a photo of the jumpsuit.. mad pretty!! its from relatively old collection but i don't mind :) my favourite item out of the haul !!

Yay I'm a happy girl :)

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