Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shopping Loots

I know I told myself to stay away from buying clothes few weeks back but I just can't resist :(
Its weird how some weeks I am simply shopping-free but wham suddenly i just turn into a shopaholic the next week.

Anyway, bought my first bustier top : Agneselle's Fun with Floral!

 I was afraid that it would be too small but thank goodness its just nice. 

Its made of stretchy denim and the pattern is super intricate, really fits the body curves and all. The only complaint I have is the super ordinary-looking buttons.. ._. but love it anyway.


Also bought a navy blue H&M blazer for only $20!!!!!!!!!!!! It was on sale from an original price of $60. omg! i just had to buy it right. Its cheaper than blogshops and the material is super fab.


Random floral fabric which i got from chinatown.

And guess what I bought from Gmarket!

Tadah! my first ever proper eyeshadow palette. for convoc and all the upcoming performances. It only has the colours which i require, no neon bright yellow or anything yay! Seller bubble wrapped it super well so none cracked at all :)

More loots on the way D: I really need to curb my spending!

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