Monday, August 06, 2012

ssikkek korean bbq + cedele brunch!

Some overdue food photos~

Ssikkek Korean BBQ @ Novena!
Love this bbq place! They have a wide range of meats to choose from and tons of cooked food choices! 
Weekday lunch costs around $14-$15 per pax, MAD WORTH IT!
Service was also pretty efficient, the staff will change the aluminium foil very frequently! like 3-4 times during the duration we were there.

Super awesome meat.

Cedele brunch @ Wheelock!

The breakfast was pretty soso but quite pricey. I prefer the rotisseries breakfast selection :(( 

I was sick the whole day yesterday after returning from bondue camp. No idea why bondue camp was SOOO shaggg i only had like 1.5-2h sleep each night.

And being stuck at home, I studded my lilac cardigan!

Running out of studs soon!

New bag from missypixie~ roomy and elegant, me likes!

Just succumbed to tracyeinny's sale :(( sigh 

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