Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eastern Europe Trip - Austria

Continuation from the first post here 

Day 2

On the 2nd day we travelled to Austria, Vienna!
I really love austria. the countryside landscape and everything is so pretty and musical!!

On the way we stopped by lunch at this restaurant:

It reminds me of secret garden. 

Anyway, they had cute toilet signs haha.

A certain fried chicken dish with potatoes. the potatoes were so yummy!!!!!! 

And they serve red wine in a ... cup. interesting! and the red wine was only like 3 bucks??

After lunch we headed to Schonbrunn Palace!

The skies were gloomy and threatened to rain!!! Downer.
Couldn't take photos inside the museum but it was bustling with tourists! super crowded.

People were having wedding photoshoots...

Family photo!

I can neverrr get the correct exposure on my instax. le sigh.

After the palace, we headed for the vienna city tour

Gloomy gloomy skies :((

Just as we were walking around the boulevard..

We spotted a protest conducted by students!! Right outside the parliament building.

Interesting. I presume its about censorship etc. Being suaku singaporeans who have never even witnessed a single protest, everyone started snapping photos. 

And spotted this cutie in the garden:

Shooooo cutezz

Continuing on our city tour:

Vienna is a city of music!
This violinist super zai playing her violin and skating at the same time~

Funny street artist #2

Whole day raining :((

Dinnered at this italian restaurant which had super long waiting time but awesome food!!

Salmon cream soup with a generous serving of salmon

My prawn pasta~~

Headed back to our lovely hotel. It was the prettiest hotel of the lot!! Schonbrunn park hotel or smth

Okays end of day 2!!! mad long post hahaha.

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