Sunday, July 01, 2012


Emix had the annual internal dance battle, WAR, ytd. First hip hop battle for me, and after a long hiatus from freestyling hiphop (ever since i left MAD o.o).

After dance night last year, I focused my all on waacking together with Kraftfunk. one competition after another, one production after another. After so many choreos, I lost the drive to freestyle, even for waacking. Somehow I felt that I had become worse than my waacking course days. and hiphop was neglected entirely haha opps. only after SDD did i start to go for emix trng, fredy trng, sharing sessions...

Anyway I am really thankful to have an equally chill partner, yanling, who understands my busy schedule and is willing to slack with me HAHA. Really, its amazing how our names got chosen randomly to be partners, out of all the other possible partners I could have gotten. But we were dam lazy, and only met up like once to learn tags then revised the tags before the battle itself... in the end all our tags quite shaky LOL. I got this phobia for tags. Having practiced so little we didn't even expect to get into top 8. but somehow we managed to enter finals mostly by luck. 

The feeling i had while battling was entirely different from when we had freestyle sessions back in HC. perhaps it was because we weren't expecting any results and made a decision to just have fun (I was completely fooling around before the comp until yanling also gave up on me LOL), but I truly felt what it was like to dance from the heart, to the music, without planning any spectacular moves. simply, heeding ed's advice, just feeling the music. sidetrack: edward is really dam awesome, I was watching his battle and my mouth is like always open one. so dope!!! i'm gonna bug him to teach me more stuff. he and nik have the same feel as thew! :O

Anw anan was one of the judges. I really missed learning from her T.T once my shifu forever my shifu. I can't quite find an adjective to describe how i was feeling when anan said I had improved from JC days. what ran through my mind was OMG anan can recognise me and she finally knows my name after 3 years!!!! like seriously, ytd was the first time she called me by the name ever since the day i joined mad. the feeling is somewhat like how a mother feels when her baby says their first "mummy" or smth. LOL not exaggerating really. she knows sarah jessica matthew jiale cherie etc everyone else but me and I'm sure she'll forget my name soon but its okay. I'm really happy about this seemingly small thing though. and its so encouraging when your mentors and seniors tell you that they're proud of you :') its really a great deal of motivation for someone like me. okay gotta work harder and continue improving!

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