Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eastern Europe Trip - Munich & Salzburg

Finally went on a family europe trip which had been postponed for a year!! Joined Dynasty's tour!


We arrived at Munich airport super early in the morning after a 12 hour flight. Wa I must say that SQ's movies are all outdated =.=

Our luggage. quite little compared to other families.
Anyway I found the 0.99 euro rittersport at the super market in Munich airport and I never saw it at that price again. LOL. should have bouggt more.

On the roads... drizzling =.=
it just had to rain everytime i go travelling!!
We didnt really get to tour munich, just went to a few places, like the BMW museum.

The bmws they had on display were mad huge.

Cute little car~

A whole line of mini coopers in rainbow colours!!

Then we went to the olympic park, which really had nothing. It was just like an empty park. 

Foreign languages T.T I don't even know which is which language.

Rain rain go away.....

Then we headed to the City centre! where the rain cleared a little. Their buildings are all low ones and all joined together.

This is a concert hall i believe. Pretty!!

Shop houses look sooo cuteee and so european. 

The city hall, which was undergoing some renovation works. This is done in GOTHIC style. hahaa the tour guide will always say oh this is a gothic/rococo/renaissance etc style building. and we'll just be like okay, they look all the same.

There was an open air market, and everywhere was selling meat/ bratwurst sausages

More meat

We bought the pig's trotters!

This is like only 1/3 of it hahaha it was packed into 3 different packs. SOO humongous.
Anyway, it just tasted like roasted pork.

and blocks of cheese everywhere!!!!!

Paprika, something like chilli i suppose.

Bought fresh strawberries! their strawberries are mega sweet and juicy and cheap. super nice.

Bread bigger than my face. LOL

On the other end was a shopping street kinda place. housing all the H&M, mango, luxury brands, zara etc. Didn't really shop much though others in my tour group chionged to grab their longchamp and pradas. Rich people sigh.

dad at the Medieval Gates.

This quad singing on the streets. dam cute their costume! and they were selling their own cds too. interesting. In singapore you don't find this kind of busking.

Then we headed for lunchhhhh!

German beer.

Roasted chicken and sour potato mash. 

all of us were surprised at first cos it looks so different from our australian apple strudel. its more like an apple tart.

After lunch we headed to Salzburg, austria!

The rebate coupon you get when you pay to go to the toilets. LOL. heart pain leh everytime go toilet have to pay around 1 euro.

Mad pretty country landscape. I love austria!!! it just has a different aura from the other countries.

Started on our city tour immediately once we reached the city at late afternoon :O

The new town and old town were separated by this big river~

Old town and its fortress, Hohensalzburg Castle!
I really like how in europe, you still get to see the landscape and sky. Barely see anything else but buildings in Singapore!

Tons of souvenir shops in the old town

Their street artists are so interesting!! Thats a real person btw. 

Horse carriages waiting for tourists.

People playing chess on the streets!!! 

The birthplace of mozart.
There were mozart chocolates for sale, but i didnt buy them cos they contained marzipan haha. pretty cute souvenir though.

A pretty well-known cafe in the area

SUPER AWESOME STRAWBERRY TART. they are super generous with the fillings and its like a decent 3+ euro. super nice!!

And the cafe staff are so efficient. The sky was getting darker, about to rain and they immediately went around closing the outside tables and settling the bill for those outside. The whole outdoor area was shut down in 5 minutes and customers were moved inside! super fast :o

That's all for day 1! 11 more days to go hahaha!

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